Ossie Chegia Disqualified For A Further Three Months Over Kennel Inspection

The Chegia family's long running battle with has taken another turn this week.

GRSA Stewards have disqualified for three months over his conduct during a kennel inspection.

Twelve months ago, Chegia's appeal against a disqualification over the 2011 Adelaide Cup positive swab was dismissed.

In April of that year Chegia, who at one time actually trained GRSA managed syndicate greyhounds, was handed a four month disqualification over a positive swab to Hydrocortisone from his greyhound Boozeroo, who qualified for the first 2011 by finishing second in an Adelaide Cup semi final – (In 2011 there were two Adelaide Cups run due to changes in the AGRA greyhound racing calendar).

To add to the family's woes, later that year Liz Chegia was notified that she was required to present before GRSA stewards over an anabolic steroid positive swab in a greyhound trained by her. That resulted in a five month disqualification being handed to Liz Chegia in February of this year. Fortunately Ossie's disqualification had since ended allowing him once again resume the training honours.

Liz Chegia's five month disqualification from greyhound training was due to end at midnight on the 22nd July 2012.

This latest stewards inquiry relates to a kennel inspection of the Chegia property on 4th July 2012, almost three weeks prior to when Liz Chegia's disqualification was due to end.

Under the of greyhound racing a disqualified person is not allowed to participate in anyway with the training of greyhounds, nor even be present on any property in which the training of greyhounds is occurring.

The timing of the kennel inspection is therefore notable, although this latest disqualification handed to Ossie Chegia is, according to GRSA Stewards; related specifically to Ossie Chegia's conduct.

GRSA Stewards completed an inquiry on 24th July 2012 into the circumstances surrounding Licensed Trainer Mr. Oswald Chegia's conduct during a routine kennel inspection conducted by Mr.Tom Hayles (GRSA Officer/) on Wednesday 4 July 2012.

Stewards took evidence from Mr. Chegia and Mr. Hayles.

Mr. Chegia was subsequently charged with a breach of the GRSA Rules Of Greyhound Racing R86(f) which reads:
A person (including an official) shall be guilty of an offence if the person-
(f) engages in, publishes or causes to be published, broadcasts or causes to be broadcast, the use of any contemptuous, unseemly, improper, insulting, or offensive language, conduct or behaviour in any manner or form towards, or in relation to-
(i) a Steward;
(ii) the committee, or a member of the committee, of a club;
(iii) the Body, or a member of the Controlling Body; or
(iv) any other person having official duties in relation to greyhound racing;

Mr.Chegia pleaded guilty to the charge and was subsequently disqualified for a period of three months.

Liz Chegia's five month disqualification ended just three days ago.

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