Ost’s Force Destroy’s Temora’s Bull N Barley Heat

Greenstone Lodge Residents Enjoyed Watching Their Greyhound Greenstone Gift Compete At Temora
Residents Enjoyed Watching Their Greyhound Greenstone Gift Compete At Temora
Temora held its first night meeting with 13 races.

The feature races of the night were the heat of the Bull & Barley and 3 heats of the Haddrill Family Stakes for low grade dogs.

The first, a maiden over the short saw the Victorian, Another Remus get through on the fence to win for Bernie Groom.

After a mix up on the corner to put out the local Greenstone Gift and Poppy's Kiss to have no chance. Second was Blind Spot and third in 18.18.

Max Bilson took out the Cornford's Hardware with Pink Slip in 26.62 from fast finishing Mimy's Mystery and Le Grande.

The Crutcher's Supa IGA race saw 's win from Redwood Dasher and Uno Scarlett third in 18.34.

The first heat of the Haddrill Family Stakes saw Rodney McDonald's dog, Dana Cuzzy give nothing else a chance to win in 26.24 from and Wamberal Teddy.

Whooshy Woo Woo wins the Neil Grimmer Stakes for Andrew Rowe with second and third was Crouch and Hold in 18.07.

The second heat of the Haddrill Stakes saw Allison Green's dog, Miss Enforcer win from Top Enforcer in the time of 26.24 with third going to .

Race 7, the Ag-N-Vet Stakes over 311m saw Tiggerlong Oliva race to the front to win easily in 18.08 for Bruce Williams and son ahead of Little Moment and .

Race 8 was the feature event of the night. The Bill Baker Bull & Barley Heat over 457m for the best 8 dogs nominated. It was all Samantha Victory's race as they left the boxes with the black bitch 3 lengths in front until the 1st bend where there was a shuffle which saw Osti's Force go to the lead to run home in 26.26 for Ted Doss beating She Won't Panick and Nitro Blackey.

The winner, Osti's Force will represent the Temora area in the final at Wentworth Park.

Race 9, the Nice Products 3/4 grade 311 had trouble in the race to find Dana Jack the eventual winner in 18.08 for Rodney McDonald. Place getters were Princess Jet and Swanky Pumpkin.

Race 10 was the 3rd heat of the Haddrill Family Stakes over 457m which saw Golden Ruby take it on the line from and Dana George in 26.58. Margaret Bannerman was please with her dogs run.

Race 11, local dog Blue Whisper trained by Huck Pinney took out the Max Derrick Stakes from Victorian Out There Carter with Geoff's A Hero third in 18.17.

The Clay Butler trained Calleen Whisper wins the Swanky Park Kennels race from Altair Izmir and Neat Irish in the best of the night being 26.00.

The lucky last being the Eddie Harmer Stakes went to the Keith Derrick trained in 18.08 with Carlisle Tiger and Tryin' filling the places.

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