Our Readers Pick Vic Peters Memorial Trifecta In One!!!!

As if we needed confirmation that our readers are the most educated going in , but for the doubters out there, Saturday night's 2008 Vic Peters Memorial Final proved just that.

Our weekly poll last week was desgned to find out who our readers thought would win the big Vic Peters Memorial Final and it did more than that, anyone who stood out the three most popular selections in order would've picked up the Vic Peters Memorial trifecta straight out.

Our knowledgeable readers voted for with 52% of votes for first, followed by with 16% and with 13% of all votes. For a $1 investment the trifecta returned : NSW $46.20, Vic $37, Qld $36.

But it didn't end there, if you took the next two equal selections, (10%) and (10%) to run fourth, for $2 you would've picked up the Vic Memorial First Four that returned : NSW $74.30, Vic $97, Qld $92.20.

This week we'll be running our voting on the 1 2008 Solo Final and we look forward to another stunning result from our readers.

You can see last weeks poll result by following the “Polls Archive” link at the bottom of this weeks poll.

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