Queensland Freight Rebate Extended

The Board at their November meeting approved to extend the freight rebate for greyhounds transferred to the Queensland centres to now include and .

Commencing 1 January 2009 participants residing within a 160km radius of Townsville and Rockhampton who purchase or acquire greyhounds from South East Queensland or interstate to be trained in these centres, will be eligible for a freight rebate.

The rebate will only apply to greyhounds that have been named, not unnamed greyhounds.

The one off rebate of $75.00 per greyhound will only be paid after the greyhound has had its first initial start at either Mackay, Cairns, Rockhampton or Townsville Clubs.

Payment will then be processed by GQL following the forwarding of appropriate receipts/documentation to GQL.

The rebate currently in place for participants of Mackay and Cairns will continue.

GQL will undertake a review at the end of March 2009.

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