Queensland greyhounds to soon require log books

Queensland greyhound racing

QUEENSLAND owners and trainers will soon have to keep log book records for every greyhound under new reforms soon to be implemented by and the .

The log book concept is based on recommendations from the MacSporran commission of inquiry into the regulation of the Queensland greyhound racing industry.

The will include comprehensive details on each greyhound from four months of age through to retirement, including identification information, ownership and career history, licensee details history, location history, vaccination and veterinary treatment records, expected greyhound skill sets and training and trialling history.

A draft version of the log book has been handed down to the Queensland Greyhound Advisory Committee for review, with response due by May 5, 2017.

Racing Commissioner Ross Barnett said the government is committed to the implementation of the log book system.

“We have given the consultation draft to the Greyhound Advisory Committee which was formed by Racing Queensland and that comprises leading trainers, breeders, vets etc. and we have encouraged them to speak to people in the industry to get their feedback,” Barnett told Australian Racing Greyhound.

“The next stage is for them to come back with the industry response – it is important that people realise that the introduction of the log book was a recommendation of the MacSporran Review and the government is committed to ensuring all of the review’s recommendations are implemented.

“The form and the finer details are certainly up for consultation, but having the log book will be occurring in some form.

“We are presently in the consultation phase with the industry and once we get agreement we would be looking at implementation possibly on October 1 this year.”

Barnett said the details are yet to be finalised, but believes greyhounds which are not trained in Queensland, even if they are owned in the Sunshine State, will be unaffected.

However, owners must ensure that records are updated for pups as well as race dogs as a part of the new system.

“When pups are registered with us at four months of age the expectation will be from then on for the rest of their racing life that this log book will be maintained by the owner,” he said.

“We would hope that the log book would transfer with the dog, but once the dog leaves Queensland it is no longer registered here so of course we have no jurisdiction over that animal.

“If the dog is not registered and kennelled in Queensland then it doesn’t really apply – this rule is for dogs registered by us and living here. Dogs that occasionally race here are not going to be covered by this as they are not registered by us and living in Queensland.

“But we are hoping that once the new Integrity Commission is in NSW then this may become something that they give consideration to in order to maintain consistency.”

The log books will initially be available online and in hard copy form, with the authority body set to gradually phase out the hard copy version over the next few years.

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