Record Day For The Greyhound Adoption Program

24 greyhounds were adopted into 23 new homes on Saturday in a record day for the Program

The previous adoption record for GAP in a single day was 14 in May this year, with Saturday's adoption day at Park eclipsing that record by 10.

Last year, GAP – which is operated by Greyhound (GRV) – broke the record for the number of adoptions in a single year, with 536 greyhounds finding new loving homes. This year, GAP is on-track to break the record yet again and has already found homes for 238 greyhounds in just four months.

GAP Manager, , says that the public is starting to understand that greyhounds can make amazing pets.

“Our record numbers are so heart-warming because we have known all along that greyhounds can make wonderful pets
and now the public is starting to understand that too.”

“I think because there are so many pet greyhounds in the community now people are starting to see them more and
fall in love with them and when presented the opportunity to adopt they jump at it.”

“Events such as the Royal Melbourne Show and our adoption days have been fantastic for us as well as our really strong Facebook following where people share their lovely stories with us.”

“Greyhounds from 12 months old up to nine-years-old were adopted on Saturday to families from right across Victoria
showing that there is a big interest in these beautiful animals. There were new owners from 21 suburbs around the
state ranging from Collingwood to Clyde.”

GAP headquarters in Seymour has also recently been undergoing a major state government supported $880,000
redevelopment that will increase the capacity of the program and facilitate further adoptions in the future. The first stage of the project set to be complete in the coming month.

GAP has adopted more than 5000 greyhounds into new homes since its inception in 1996.

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