Robert Fenton Fined $400 For Advertisement In Crookwell Gazette

Greyhound () have finalised investigations into the placement of an advertisement in the Crookwell Gazette on 31 July 2014 by registered trainer Robert Fenton. The advertisement was in the form of soliciting the purchase of live animals.

GRNSW, with the assistance of inspectors, were able to establish that Mr Fenton had placed the advertisement some time prior to the date of publication. No live animals were found on the property of Mr Fenton and it was established that at no time were any animals purchased.

Mr Fenton was charged with an offence under GAR 86 (q) of committing an act detrimental to the interest of greyhound racing.

The matter was dealt with via correspondence and Mr Fenton subsequently pleaded guilty to the charge. Having regard to all of the circumstances he was fined $400. Under the provisions of GAR 95 (3), $200 of the penalty was suspended conditional on Mr Fenton not incurring any penalty under the offences over the next 12 months.

In determining penalty, consideration was given to the potential damage to the industry’s reputation caused by a registered person advertising to purchase live animals, Mr Fenton’s limited industry involvement, his previously unblemished record, guilty plea and previous penalties for such breaches.

Mr Fenton was advised of his right of appeal.

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