‘Rescue’ group turns down potential adopter for supporting racing

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A UK greyhound re-homing organisation has come under fire from the public and greyhound racing participants after denying someone the opportunity to adopt a retired racer, based on their views of the industry.

A London man, known only as Richard, tweeted a response he received from the Kent on Monday evening after he expressed an interest in adopting one of its ex-racing dogs.

“Thinking of adopting a greyhound, so filled in a form with a ,” Richard said.

“When asked why I was keen on a greyhound specifically, I said that as a fan of the sport I was aware of how many retired dogs are desperate for homes.”

Nothing could have prepared the trading technology worker for the letter he received back from the which he described on Twitter as ‘mental’.

“You may wish to consider rehoming directly from the Retired Greyhound Trust because they will sit better with your enjoyment of greyhound racing,” the letter read.

“Our dogs come to us via the dog pound where they have been sent to be killed by their trainer or owner, when they are no longer wanted – they make no effort to rehome them and we bear the full cost of rehabilitating them ready for rehoming.

“Whilst we understand everyone has the right to go to the (sic) race meetings it would be unfair on our dogs to be rehomed to that situation where their owner (sic) supports the industry that failed to support the dog.”

Richard expressed his displeasure with the situation, believing the KGR was going against what should be its main priority.

“What’s the logic? I am baffled. My passing interest in the sport doesn’t make me part of the problem…

“I’m furious that a charity that should have the dogs’ best interests at heart should let that anger blind them to such an .

“I was interested in that place specifically because they had a number of dogs as ‘cat workable’ but I’m sure I’ll have some luck elsewhere too.”

Participants have taken to social to slam the ‘rescue’ group for putting its views of greyhound racing above actually finding homes for its dogs.

“I cannot believe what I’ve just read,” one person said,” This proves they don’t care about the dogs in need of homes half as much as they do their stupid agendas. Disgraceful.”

Others are now calling for the Greyhound Board of Great Britain to investigate the statements made by the Kent Greyhound Rescue, which claimed ‘We deal day in, day out with the residue of dogs the are not interested in – most of which are not even on their statistics.”

“This would [be] a good time for GBGB to come forward,” one Facebook used said,

“I also think it’s important to make sure funding goes to the right places.”

“Currently there are quite a few anti-racing groups who are getting [British Greyhound Racing Fund] funding.”

The Kent Greyhound Rescue lists itself on its website as a ‘registered charity run by a very dedicated group of volunteers who passionately believe in helping the dogs find loving homes’.

They claim to re-home approximately 150 dogs each year, but not all of their adoptions are greyhounds. They also re-home lurchers (sighthound x terrier), whippets and galgos.

KGR stated they receive no funding from the racing industry and rely solely on public donations, which £64,603 for the 2016 financial year. This equates to AU$112,302.

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