Retired WA greyhounds to support WA Police through new GAP partnership

Greyhounds are being welcomed into the Western Australia police force, not as working dogs, but as calming companions to provide officers with a sense of calm and happiness.

The program was launched by Racing and Western Australia (), in partnership with WA Police and aims to promote mental health and wellbeing among officers by allowing them to spend time with retired racing greyhounds.

The initiative is part of RWWA's (GAP) program, which works to find new homes for retired racing greyhounds.

Police officers across Western Australia (WA) will be given the opportunity to spend some quality time with these dogs during their break times, allowing them to experience the calming and therapeutic benefits of being around these gentle creatures.

This innovative program has been designed to provide officers with a break from their high-stress jobs and to give retired racing dogs a chance to interact with people and help them unwind.

This follows a similar initiative launched in New South Wales (NSW), where the Police Association of NSW partnered with (GA) and Greyhound () to allow their members to adopt retired greyhounds as pet companion animals.

The partnership, which prioritises current and former NSW police officers in the matching process, was hailed as the convergence of human and .

Greyhounds are recognised as incredible therapy animals, and police officers, who are often exposed to stressful and traumatic situations, can greatly benefit from their companionship.

The scheme is aimed at not only promoting animal welfare but also at addressing mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) common among first responders.

As part of the support, GRNSW committed to pay for all retired greyhounds to be desexed, fully vaccinated, and undergo pre-adoption dental treatment.

They also provide six months of pet insurance and supply six months of food for the adopted greyhounds.

The new WA program includes:

  • Priority for current and retired WAPU members to be matched with suitable GAP greyhounds.
  • Individualised post-adoption support to provide ongoing advice and ensure the dogs settle well into new homes and families.
  • All greyhounds adopted from GAP are vet-checked, vaccinated, microchipped, sterilised, dewormed and have up to date dental care.
  • Six months free food and vet insurance.
  • The Greyhounds as Pets program helps greyhounds make the transition from racing to new homes in retirement, with a tailored plan to suit the individual needs of each dog.

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