WA restricts greyhound breeding to registered persons only

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WEST AUSTRALIA'S lead racing body has today announced that all greyhounds intended for rehoming will now be required to be sterilised prior to or during the rehoming process. The new rules will become effective 1st January 2018.

In a victory for commonsense that would do well to be replicated nationwide, Racing and Western Australia () has strengthened is commitment to and the program by announcing new regulations to ensure all greyhounds entering the community are sterilised.

The consequences of the new rule will effectively address a grey area of the and rehoming programs, which is how to effectively regulate and monitor greyhound breeding and animal welfare outcomes given the large community of greyhound owners who are not registered greyhound racing participants.

RWWA have justified the new initiative by stating that “RWWA is committed to ensuring that the best levels of care are given to greyhounds throughout all stages of their lives, through a program of investment, education, monitoring and regulation.”

“When a greyhound retires from the racing industry at any age, RWWA aims to have every healthy and behaviourally sound greyhound rehomed. In working towards achieving this outcome, RWWA has already implemented a number of strategies and programs to assist with the increasing number of greyhounds being adopted.”

“The Greyhound Racing Industry has embraced these strategies along with a variety of new regulatory structures which have resulted in a significant increase in the adoption of greyhounds post racing. In addition to the rehoming efforts of RWWA's Greyhound as Pets program and other adoption service providers, the improved rates of rehoming by owners and trainers through private adoptions is a contributing factor to this increase.”

“To align with principles of responsible rehoming RWWA, in consultation with the WA Greyhound Breeders, Owners, Trainer's Association () are committed to ensuring that all greyhounds retiring from racing in WA are sterilised prior to entering the community.”

The new rules which become effective 1st January 2018, will require all greyhounds to be sterilised prior to rehoming unless the greyhound is being accepted into an adoption agency that undertakes sterilisation as part of their rehoming practices.

RWWA with the support of Vetwest has secured a 15% discount off the price of sterilisation which will be made available in the form of vouchers that can be obtained from the RWWA Department and will be redeemable at any Vetwest Animal Hospital.

The RWWA Rule 106 Notification of Retirement Form will be amended to reflect the new requirements of Local Rule 106A.

To facilitate the new rules, a new Local Rule of Racing 106A will be adopted effective 1 January 2018.

RWWA Local Rule 106A

Mandatory Sterilisation of Greyhounds retired as a pet

  • (1) All greyhounds to be retired as a pet must be sterilised prior to such retirement. When a greyhound is to be retired as a pet, the last registered owner or person responsible for the greyhound at the time of such retirement as a pet must ensure that the greyhound has been surgically sterilised by a Veterinary , unless the greyhound is being accepted by an adoption agency that undertake sterilisation.
  • (2) In submitting the required notification prescribed by Rule 106 a certificate of sterilisation by a Veterinary Surgeon must be supplied for any greyhound retired to which this rule applies