Rogue Greyhound Blamed For Heddon Greta Attack

The Mercury has reported that a woman is recovering from a dog attack by a greyhound yesterday that left her with over 40 puncture wounds.

The greyhound allegedly set upon the woman while she tried to protect her cat.

“The dog had originally gone after the cat and the woman picked it up and held it to her chest to protect it”.

“That's when the dog turned on her.”

She was taken to hospital for treatment for 40 to 50 puncture wounds to her arms and wrists. The victim was reportedly so traumatised by the incident that she unable to speak to reporters.

It remains unclear whether the dog was merely attempting to “get at” the cat or whether the dog “turned” on the woman involved.

The Maitland mercury reports that “Rangers searched the area but were unable to find the dog”.

“We want to find the dog before this happens again.”

The greyhound was allegedly in the company of a white whippet and walking freely with no one else.

From the information available, it would seem highly unlikey the greyhound involved is a racing greyhound, unless it is a recent escapee from its kennels or yards.

Anyone with information can contact the council on 4993 4300.

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