Select The 2009 Topgun Field And Win $100 Free Bet

Australia's only Group 1 invitation only greyhound race, the 2009 Sky Channel Topgun will be run at on Saturday 24th October 2009.

First round invitattions were sent out earlier this month to twenty four of the best chasers in the opinion of the Topgun selection panel.

That “expert” panel will meet again on Friday 9th October 2009 to decide the final field which will be announced on Saturday 10th October 2009.

Australian Racing Greyhound was vocal last year in the selection of the Topgun field. A decision which upset many in the “mainstream ” who saw our stance as unfair.

Australian Racing Greyhound has always held the opinion that greyhound racing in this country is owned by the participants, not a select few “talking heads”; and as such we encourage everyone to have an opinion on most things affecting our sport, and that includes the people, the greyhounds and the races that rise to prominence from time to time.

Well the 2009 Topgun should be no different!

So here's your chance to have your opinion heard and maybe win yourself a free $100 win bet on the 2009 Group 1 Topgun.

Beat The Experts And Win A Free $100 Win Bet On The 2009 Topgun

Fancy yourself as a form student or avid greyhound racing follower?

Well here's your chance to prove your expertise to the world.

The terms of the competition are simple :

  • 1. Select the eight greyhounds that you think should make up the elite field for the Group 1 Topgun final.
  • 2. Select the two greyhounds that will be named as reserves for the the elite field for the Group 1 Topgun final.
  • 3. Reply to this story in the “Comments” with your selections.
  • 4. The first entry that correctly selects the same eight greyhounds, plus the two reserves ;as the “expert panel” for the 2009 Group 1 Topgun will win a free $100 win bet on the greyhound of their choice in the Topgun on Saturday 24th October 2009.

It couldn't be any easier – but hurry. Entries must be received before midnight Friday 9th September 2009.

Need help or want to discuss the 2009 Topgun field. Use our greyhound forum and argue the point with others who have an interest in greyhound racing.

Here are the 24 first round nominees for your to select from, but remember the “expert panel” were allowed to include “late nominations” after first announcement was made back on 29th September 2009. The panel has a mandate to select the best field taking into account both group race results and current form when sitting down to discuss possible candidates.

2009 Togun First Round Nominees

    TASMANIA (2)
  • Big Moose
  • Topline Doovee

For the record the 2009 “expert panel” is :

  • Michael Radley (Catching Pen/GRNSW/Sky)
  • Marc Kennedy (GRV Grader)
  • Marg Long (The Meadows Secretary)
  • Matt Corby (Sandown Secretary)
  • Ron Hawkswell (Sport 927/Sky Caller)
  • Rob Testa (Sport 927/Sky Caller/Catching Pen)
  • Peter Pearson (National Greyhound Form
  • Gerard Guthrie (Greyhound Recorder)
  • Peter Davis (Illawarra Mercury/GRNSW/Catching Pen)

There you have it. Start selecting your 2009 Group 1 Topgun field and post it below in the comments on this story.

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Peter Capper
Peter Capper
13 years ago

1. Take The Kitty
2. Cindeen Shelby
3. Dashing Corsair
4. Dyna Lachlan
5. Turanza Bale
6. Goodsey
7. Queen Lauryn
8. Velocette
9. Cosmic Rumble
10. Mantra Lad

nick mills
nick mills
13 years ago

Remo rubik
Cindeen shelby
Dashing corsair
Dyna lachlan
Excell like time
Trew millions
Topline doovee
Turanza bale
Take the kitty