Social Media: Australia reacts to NSW greyhound ban bombshell

OWNERS, fans, industry figures and punters alike have been caught off-guard by the shock announcement greyhound racing in New South Wales will be shut down next year by July 1, 2017.

Premier Mike Baird made the official announcement on both Facebook and Twitter, stating the decision follows the Special Commission of Inquiry into the greyhound industry after revelations of live baiting came to light on ABC’s Four Corners expose in February 2015.

“Making A Killing” exposed footage of industry figures training dogs using banned live baiting across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, all caught on camera using secret surveillance set up by animal rights group Animals Australia.

With the report’s findings shared publicly, social media has exploded in passionate debate and varying reactions, some expletive-filled, others fully in support of Mr Baird’s decision, and others not so well-worded.

Plenty of people on Facebook and Twitter let out their frustrations on the announcement:

While others are praising and passionately defending Mike Baird and the ban:

While the reactions keep pouring in, racing ministers from Queensland and Victoria have confirmed both states won’t ban greyhound racing in the wake of Premier Baird’s decision.

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