Wheeler shocked at the decision to shut down NSW greyhound racing

’S largest breeder and owner, Paul Wheeler, has expressed shock after the Premier Mike Baird and Deputy Premier and Minister for Racing announced the industry is going to be banned within the state.

The decision to shut down greyhound racing comes after a Special Commission of found there was overwhelming evidence of systematic cruelty, including mass greyhound killings and live baiting.

Wheeler, who owns up to 700 dogs and breeds about 300 pups a year, said it was cruel for the majority of participants to be punished due to the actions of a few.

“Everything has just come to a standstill, like everyone I am still in shock,” Wheeler told Australian Racing Greyhound.

“There are thousands of people who have got millions invested in the industry in equipment, greyhounds, properties and mortgages and all those people have been driven to the wall.

“Most people were confident throughout the whole process that the industry would keep going, but I have always said it was going to be a 50-50 decision.

“It is very disappointing that a very small percentage of people have done the wrong thing, yet the are punishing everyone.”

Wheeler said it was going to effect not just those invested in the greyhound industry, but all codes of racing and .

“There are going to be a lot of people out of work within the greyhound industry, but it is going to span much wider than that,” he said.

“If greyhounds contribute to 20-25% of the tab turnover than that is going to affect all those mum and dad investors out there because the TAB will lose money and the share value will go down.”

While Wheeler rarely races his greyhounds in NSW, his multi million dollar breeding establishment is located near Young in the South West Slopes region of the state.

Wheeler said the decision has effectively put an end to breeding in NSW, with the possibility that other states could make the same move in the future.

“It is possible that there could be a flow on effect to other states, but it is hard to know what the future holds.

“Until we know more it is hard to comment any further, but one thing is for sure – we are in for some very interesting times.”

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old joe blow
old joe blow
4 years ago

Wheeler you couldnt give a stuff about the industry or any other owners trainers or breeders all you think of is your greedy self.And how many dogs have you ever put down because they werent fast enough for you.Anyone that believes that you are the angel of the game must also believe in father xmas like most sth australians and victorians good riddance to you and your trainers that keep having positive swabs with your dogs but then again i forgot its not your fault

4 years ago

So has Wheeler addressed the issue of 17,000 dogs a year? Even if you dispute that number, then I want him to put forward a number, then have him justify it. Until then I dont give a f..k what Wheeler has to say. He is nothing to me. Pathetic little man.

4 years ago

So 1000 dogs a year in total and how may of these dogs are now living a life as a loved pet. Or are they just shot and disposed of to make way for the next possible winner. You greedy little man.

4 years ago

That is why he has 700 dogs  he keeps them and he sells dogs to Victoria,South Australia,New Zealand ,this is his job and his family and breed started this back in the early 70’s,this is a business and he is a responsible business man ,he had 2 greyhounds  last year who won a million dollars each ,Fernando Bale and Dyna Double One and the Chinese were after them to buy from him for a few million and  and he did not sell , you people know nothing about the industry only keep throwing stupid figures around ,the RSPCA kill 200,000… Read more »