Stewards wrap: trainer banned for excessive use of barking muzzle

Stewards' wrap

NYORA trainer George Arvanitis has been banned from greyhound racing for a year after being found guilty of two charges relating to the use of barking muzzles.

At a kennel inspection on June 7, 2016, Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) uncovered that Arvanitis was using barking muzzles on his greyhounds.

He was slapped with a charge under LRR 42.1 – with the barking muzzles considered and detrimental to the health and safety of the greyhounds.

Arvanitis was also charged under GAR 106(2) – with the use of barking muzzles indicating he did not exercise reasonable care and supervision to ensure his greyhounds were not exposed to unnecessary pain or suffering.

Arvanitis pleaded not guilty to the charges.

At the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board (RADB) hearing, gave evidence that on the date of the inspection on June 7, the majority of the 18 greyhounds at Arvanitis' property showed evidence of severe muzzle scarring, which indicated they were muzzled for extended periods of time with no supervision.

After considering all of the evidence in question, the RADB found Arvanitis guilty and handed down a six-month disqualification under the breach of LRR 42.1 and a 12-month disqualification under GAR 106(2).

Each penalty is to be served concurrently.

Baldwin banned

Also facing the RADB recently was Kilmany trainer Jessica Baldwin, who was charged with a breach of GAR 83(2)(3).

The charge was in relation to Baldwin's greyhound Slog Sweep, which returned a positive urine sample to the prohibited substances caffeine, theophylline, and when competing at on May 25, 2016.

Despite pleading not guilty, Baldwin was found guilty as charged and was issued a six-month disqualification with three months suspended pending no further breaches of GAR 83 in the next 12 months.

Vella cops length disqualification

SUSANNE Vella has been disqualified for 156 weeks for two breaches of the prohibited substances rule.

Vella was slapped with two breaches of GAR 83(2) after her greyhound Four Bits returned positive urine samples to methylphenidate and ritalinic acid when competing at and Bathurst on August 11 and September 12, 2016.

Vella failed to enter a plea on either charge, with Greyhound Racing NSW () stewards subsequently banning her for 156 weeks on each charge, to be served concurrently.

Alfred Vella banned

ALFRED Vella was the recent subject of a GRNSW stewards' inquiry after one of his greyhounds, Hazy Omen, returned a positive urine sample to flunixin when competing at Dubbo on February 18, 2016.

Vella was charged with a breach of GAR 83(2) to which he entered a plea of not guilty.

After considering the circumstances of the case, stewards found Vella guilty as charged and imposed a disqualification of 24 weeks.

Suspension for Manowski

ROBERT Manowski has been suspended by GRNSW after being found guilty of breaching the prohibited substances rule.

Manowski's greyhound Natural Swiper returned a positive urine sample to caffeine and its metabolites paraxanthine, theobromine and theophylline when competing at on October 20, 2016.

Manowski was charged with a breach of GAR 83(2) to which he entered an early guilty plea.

Stewards decided to impose a suspension of 18 weeks after considering the mitigating factors.

Fine for arsenic

JOHN Hill has been issued a fine by GRNSW stewards after entering an early guilty plea to a breach of GAR 83(2). The charge was laid after Hill's greyhound Oak returned a positive urine sample to the prohibited substance arsenic when competing at Wagga on January 14, 2017.