Strathalbyn set for final race meet this Sunday

will cease racing after this Sunday’s meeting to make way for the new $8.5 million dual track facility at .

Only the second registered track to race in South after Whyalla, Strathalbyn has a long and storied history in the greyhound racing industry.

From its inception, racing at the (SGR) was conducted over two distances – 585 yards (535 metres) and 825 yards (754 metres). Despite being one of the oldest Clubs in , the Strathalbyn track was only promoted to the status of being a Sky venue for broadcast into hotels, agencies and homes from 2010.

While racing ends at Strath, the race club has been a champion of the facility at Kennetts Rd in Murray Bridge.

The Murray Bridge facility will be only the second venue in the country, being the other, to boast two televised tracks – a modern one-turn circuit and a straight track. Racing in the region will take a temporary break in the lead-up to the commencement of racing at the Murray Bridge venue, currently expected to occur by late this year.

The number of race meetings conducted annually will increase from 26 (at Strathalbyn) to 78 at the new Murray Bridge facility. It is anticipated that the new opportunities created by this venture will draw new and existing participants to establish new properties in the region.

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