Talking breeding: Dyna Double One litter has the right stuff

THIS week's review of litters from the Victorian Litter Registrations list for the week ending May 9, starts with a nice litter of eleven pups by Melbourne and Australian Cups winner Dyna Double One (March 2013 Barcia Bale x Crystin Bale).

Registered by Dailly Greyhound Farms syndicate manager, George Dailly, the seven dogs and four bitches are from the well bred bitch, Granola Bale (December 2011 Jarvis Bale x Jesse Bale) whose dam is by Climate Control* x Jonelle Bale ( x Oshkosh Bale).

She is from a litter which included Altena Bale, Cheria Bale, Dyna Irvine, Euro Bale, Fourier Bale, Hawker Flex, and Henchey Bale, with their dam's only other litter on file, whelped in November 2012, by Collision, producing Dixon Bale, Earl Bale, Flame Bale and Governor Bale.

Granola Bale raced 48 times for 16 wins and 14 placings, winning three times over 390m at Warrnambool (22.08), where she also won over 450m (25.83), three times over 311m at Cranbourne (17.64), twice over 425m at (24.00), twice over 400m at (22.61), twice over 440m at (25.01), with single wins over 410m at Horsham (23.66) and 390m at Shepparton (22.29) where she also won over 450m (25.47).

Dailly Greyhound Farms also has another two litters on the list this week, both by Fernando Bale (March 2013 Kelsos Fusileer* x Chloe Allen), one dog and two bitches x Becci Leone (March 2012 Bekim Bale x Zarbo), and two dogs and two bitches x Queen Bluebird (October 2009 Bombastic Shiraz x Winsome Bluebird).

Leopold breeder, Jay Ferguson, also has a litter on the list this week by Fernando Bale, four dogs and four bitches x Paw Sa Prize (October 2013 Fabregas x Natural Sapphire).

Grand Litter

Victorian Litter RegistrationsNEXT we have a nice litter of seven pups by Melbourne Cup Winner El Grand Senor (April 2008 Where's Pedro x Elgrando Gold, registered by Double Tep syndicate manager, Andrew Harmes.

The five dogs and two bitches are from the well bred bitch, Itz Bath Time (September 2010 Bo Frazier x Harry's Abby), whose dam is by Silver Saul x Excessive Fire (Brett Lee x Considerate) and let us not forget that Bo Frazier (October 2005 Spiral Nakita* x Leprechaun Yap, was a 600 metre Group race winner and middle distance track record holder.

Itz Bath Time is from a handy litter which included Dandy Kid, Lake Cosmos, Mad Russian, Murradoc Whiz, Steve Natural and Woodland Jack, with their dam having only three other named offspring on file, Crystal Injected and Turbo Injected, who were whelped in September 2012 by Fear Zafonic*, then Every Cloud, whelped in April 2013 by Oaks Road.

On the track she raced 84 times for 12 wins and 29 placings, winning twice over 525m at The Meadows (30.38), twice over 440m at Sale (24.95), twice over 390m at Warrnambool (22.28) and also over 595m at Sandown (34.65), 400m at Geelong (22.82), 410m at Horsham (23.66), 400m at Warragul (22.78), 390m at Shepparton (22.76) and 390m at Ballarat (22.27).

Fabregas litter

ROSS CREEK breeder Colin Brennan has two litters on the Victorian list this week, with nine pups in the first litter, by National Sprint Championship winner, Fabregas (October 2010 Bombastic Shiraz x Wicked Witch).

The four dogs and five bitches are from the well bred bitch, Entice Me Juliet (October 2009 El Galo x Enticed Lass), whose dam is by Exceptional x Nivaria (Optic Haze x Ripplebrook Lass).

She is from a handy litter, which included Amado, El Henley, El Rosa, El Stonier, Lily Where's Mum, Lizzy Tibay, Lost For Words and Lucky Star, with the dam having winners on file from her three other litters, whelped in October 2008 by and June 2007 and December 2010 by Elite State.

Entice Me Juliet raced 29 times for 10 wins and 13 placings, winning three times over 400m at Warragul (22.49), twice over 460m at Geelong (25.98) where she also won over 400m (22.41), and twice over 390m at Warrnambool (22.05), with single wins over 450m at Ballarat (25.80) and 440m at Sale (25.21).

She has two previous litters on file, with winners from her first litter, whelped in October 13, by Premier Fantasy* which produced, Ads Boy, Denya, Enticing Affair, Koch, Lady Capulet, Little Mix, Pop Ya Bubble and Stefanovic, then she whelped a litter of dour dogs and four bitches by Cosmic Rumble, in May 2015.

Colin also has a litter of three dogs and two bitches on the list this wee, by Magic Sprite (March 2008 Brett Lee x Glamorous) from Entice Me Juliet's litter sister Amado.

Nine for Keybow

OUR next litter for review is a nice litter of nine pups by outstanding sprinter Keybow (December 2011 Take The Kitty x Key Exit) who won three times at Group level, winning the Perth Cup, Group 1 Brisband Cup and Group 3 Silver Bullet.

Registered by Rosedale breeder, Keith Brew, the litter of one dog and eight bitches, are from the well bred bitch, Paselina (December 2011 Disintergrate x Unleash De Elite), whose dam is by Elite State x Bigbad Darley (Brett Lee x Lara Flynn).

Her sire, Disintergrate (April 2007 Collision x With Integrity), whose dam is by Token Prince x Thai Charm ( x Thai Magic) is beautifully bred and although he hasn't had a very high profile as a sire, he has produced some good winners, and probably falls into the category of “under-rated”.

Paselina is from her dam's only litter, which included Dis Decision, Jackay, Lonza's Charm, Unleash De Fear, Unleash De Magic, and Unleash Hell.

On the track she didn't do all that much racing, with just 24 starts which resulted in five wins and ten placings, winning three times over 350m at Goulburn 19.65) and also over 520m at Nowra (30.13) and 520m at Wentworth Park (30.30).

Live Wire litter

OUR final litter for review from this week's Victorian list is one of ten pups, by outstanding sprinter and stud prospect, Paw Licking (March 2011 Elite State x Kingsbrae Di).

Registered by Millionaires syndicate manager, John Farrugia, the four dogs and six bitches are from the well bred bitch, Live Wire (March 2011 Collision x Suspicious Tina), whose dam is by Big Ginger Boy x Whatta Omen (Heading West x Whatta Card).

She is from a litter which included Cream Crackered, Ethan Junior, Sphinx and Sweet Lips, with their dam's only other litter on file, whelped in September 2013, by Dyna Tron, producing Suspicious Cal, Suspicious Col, Suspicious Joe, Suspicious Lee, Suspicious Pete and Suspicious Sam, with all but Suspicious Col winning, and he has been placed in five of his 12 starts.

Live Wire raced 61 times for eight wins and eleven placings, winning three times over 390m at Warrnambool (22.03), three times over 400m at Geelong (22.70) and twice over 410m at Horsham (23.60).

NSW Whelping Report

NSW whelping reportTURNING our attention to the NSW Whelping Report for the week ending January 22, our first litter for review is one of seven pups by the 2010 Group 2 Tweed Galaxy winner, Big Bunga (April 2008 Hallucinate x Special Sauce) whose dam is by Tambray Gravy x Macbai Maree (Token Prince x Undermatched).

Registered by Erington breeder Sarah Kedwell, the three dogs and four bitches are from the well bred bitch, Rainbow Dash (May 2010 Train A Journey x First Weffalee), whose dam is by Black Enforcer x Blue Caledonia (Worthy Reward x Welsh Caledonia).
She is from her dam's only litter, which incuded Brydie Weffalee, Morningtown Man, Morningtown Ride, Sauce Bottle and Simply Great.

On the track she raced 49 times for seven wins and 14 placings, winning five times over 515m at (29.67) and also over 520m at Coonabarabran (31.11) and 450m at Maitland (25.52).

Big Bunga is from a litter of four named, which included Fawntastic, Limit Breaker and Thickness, with his dam also producing winners from her three other litters, whelped in October 2009 by Big Daddy Cool, June 2012 by Magic Sprite and May 2013 by Don't Knocka Him, with a total of 12 named offspring from four litters.

On the track he raced 56 times for the good record of 26 wins and 18 placings, winning five times over 515m at The Gardens (29.62), where he also won twice over 400m (22.52), four times over 520m at Wentworth Park (30.22), four times over 420m at Tweed Heads (23.09), three times over 400m at Gosford (23.10), where she also won three times over 515m (30.15), twice over 400m at Maitland (22.21) where she also won twice over 450m (25.13) and he also won over 400m at Richmond (22.65).

Nine for Goodesy

NEXT we have a nice litter of nine pups by the outstanding sprinter and stud prospect, Goodesy (November 2007 Collision x Frosty Fruits).

Registered by Smithfield breeder, James Vassallo, the four dogs and five bitches are from the well bred bitch, Miss Nicole (March 2010 Bit Chili x Hot Plunder), whose dam is by Hotshow Sam x Little Plunder (Little Denver x Rosy Century).

Race A Chaser syndications

She is from a litter of ten named, which included Bruce Street, Carmena's Houdini, Cassar Girl, Catty Shack, Cay's Dymond, Hot Chopper, Long Time, Lovealong Lizzie and Movealong Nemo, with their dam's only other litter on file, whelped in November 2007, by Eiffella, producing Black Plunder, Patch Fella, Queen Ayettah, Short Time and Walk The Line.

On the track she raced 52 times for eleven wins and 26 placings, winning four times over 720m at Wentworth Park (42.30), where she also won over 520m (30.43), twice over 618m at Richmond (35.59), where she also won over 535m (30.92) and 717m (41.89), and also won over 400m (23.03) and 515m (29.74) at The Gardens.

She has two named offspring on file from her first litter, of three, John Girl and Keiras Magic, who were whelped in January 2014, by Magic Sprite.

A Dozen for the Road

ST. MARYS breeder, Daniel Zahra, has a litter of 12 pups on the list this week by the beautifully bred, successful sire, Oaks Road (November 2008 Spiral Nikita* x Leprechaun Pace).

The seven dogs and five bitches are from the very well bred bitch, Champness Gal (April 2011 Where's Pedro x Late Night Out) whose dam is by Late Late Show* x Prize Bird (Go Wild Teddy x Mystery Bird).

She is from a litter of five named, which included Big Date, Dale, Out All Nite and Where's Mindy, with their dam's only other litter on file, whelped in April 2013 by Fabregas, producing Fabrawhat, Night Mona, Night Spark, Snake A Gully, Starz Fun, Tricky Trey and Vampire Hunter.

Champness Girl raced 45 times for six wins and 14 placings, winning twice over 600m at Gosford (34.65) where she also won over 515m (29.89), and also won over 520m at Wentworth Park (30.31), 535m at Richmond (30.91) and 400m at Bulli (22.67).

According to my breeding records she has one previous litter on file, six dogs and four bitches, whelped in April 2015 by Lochinvar Marlow so she has now produced 21 pups in two litters.

Nine pups for Push It

OUR final litter for review from this week's NSW list has nine pups, registered by Swan Bay breeder, Alexander Verhagen, by Where's Pedro (April 2002 Brett Lee x Elusive Rebel).

The two dogs and seven bitches are from the well bred bitch, Push It (March 2012 Collision x Low Gee Eye) whose dam is by Bombastic Shiraz x Fool's State (Elle's Commando x Spark Again).

She is from a litter of two named, which included Joke's On You, with their dam's only other litter on file, whelped in October 2010 by , having seven named, Ausbred Enforcer, Cane D'oro, Dual Feature, Dual Injected, Dual Skinny, Reese's Bay and She'll Enforcer.

Push It raced 39 times for 11 wins and 15 placings, winning six times at Wentworth Park over 520m (29.70) , all in sub 30 second times, three times over 515m at Gosford (29.55) and also over 515m at The Gardens (29.82) and 520m at Dapto (30.02).

Victorian Metropolitan Sires list

Vic metros sire listBARCIA BALE has maintained his place at the top of the Victorian Metropolitan Sires list at the end of May, after his offspring won 15 races on Melbourne's two city tracks during the month.

He now leads with 89 wins, from 45 individual winners, 18 more than Cosmic Rumble and Magic Sprite, who both have 71 wins, with Kinloch Brae* 58 wins and Turanza Bale 54 wins, completing the top five.

Looking at the top five after deducting midweek and Sunday provincial stake meetings, Barcia Bale leads with 47 wins, from Magic Sprite 44 wins, Cosmic Rumble 39 wins, Turanza Bale 36 wins and Kinloch Brae* 35 wins.

Just outside the top 20 at the end of May, all with ten wins each are, (6) 10-10-14, Razldazl Jayfkay* (4) 10-4-4, and Nolen (8) 10-4-3.

Winners for the top three May sires, and their dams, were as follows:

Magic Sprite (March 2008 Brett Lee x Glamorous) 17 wins

3 wins Zipping Kane (x Scarlett Girl).
2 wins Rippin Hayne (x Chevy Princess) and Pechey (x So Seductive).
1 win Batty Allen (x Gail Allen), Become The Fuse (x Prancing Uno), Both Sides Now (x Cristalle), Crucify (x Artic Flyer), Emrys (x Prancing Uno), He's So Good (x Audacious Elle), Jack Walker (x Annie Walker), Lily Tay (x Mach Ten), Rippin Rose (x Chevy Princess) and Zipping Zeus (x Scarlett Girl).

Barcia Bale (March 2010 Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale) 15 wins

2 wins Dyna Juggler (x Erica Allen) and Kasreyn (x Chasin The Dream*)
1 win Dr. Leonardo (x Dr. Dotti), Dream Ticket (x Dream Chick), Dublin Bull (x Dream Chick), Dundee Calypso (x Crown Poker), Dyna Krypto (x Erica Allen), Dyna Maddie (x Erica Allen), Eddie Eagle (x Lara's Rock), Haristotle (x Surfonic), Mister Brown (x Disturbia), Moonlit Wings (x My Secret Shiraz) and Silky Sock (x My Secret Shiraz).

Collision (August 2001 Awesome Assassin x Rumble Spirit) 12 wins

3 wins Andrea Doria (x Ritza Flame).
2 wins Jay Tee Pee (x Beaming Olive) and Myrniong Star (x Gotta Be Fancy).
1 win Belle Deity (x Miss Bel Air), Coo Coo Coconuts (x Kokomo Flo), Kuta's Lad (x Flowering Lily), Takahi George (x Moonshine Caddie) and Tekki Minx (x Tekki).

AGRA Breeding Rankings

AGRA's breeding rankings for the five months to the end of May have been released, with the ranked positions determined by a points system applied to all Group races on a sliding scale of points first to eighth.

Rankings for the top sires are, Fabregas 561 points, Kinloch Brae* 517, Magic Sprite 445, Barcia Bale 440, Collision 253, Bekim Bale 189, Cosmic Rumble 184, Where's Pedro 180, Brett Lee 158, Smooth Fancy 143, Spring Gun 141, Nitro Burst 134, Turanza Bale 131, Big Daddy Cool 130, Don't Knocka Him 128, Lochinvar Marlow 126, High Earner 115, Premier Fantasy 105, El Grand Senor 101 and Stagger 95 points.

Rankings for the top brood bitches are, Jackie's Capri 16 points, Teddy's Jackpot 15 points, Crystin Bale and Donna Ricca 13 points each, Chevy Princess and Dyna Gala 12 points each, Jaydo's Neglect, Mrs Trickett and West On Bluebird 11 points each, Light Fantastic, Kara Jinx, Unfinished, and Aston Dream 10 points each, Flash Fancy, Fascinate Marina, Shanlyn Supreme and Paua Of Love 9 points each and Cawbourne Shine, Tricky Gypsy, Dundee Rose, Zambola Bale, My Secret Shiraz and Rockin' Along 8 points each.


COURSING in Victoria was at Longwood last Sunday, where the $1000 to the winner Western Saws Cup was won by the Leonie Dalton trained, Arby (Magic Sprite x Cyclone Babe) who defeated Ribacola (Symmetry x She Cal Sal), trained by Paul Ellul in the final.
The two, one limit stakes were won by Carlanna Jobe (El Grand Senor x Showood Ellie) who had a walkover in the final when Lagoon Mist was scratched, and I've Got Wings (Knocka Norris x Time And Money) who defeated John's Magic (Spring Gun x Magic Castle) in the second final.

Winners of the remaining events were, Nallak (Swift Fancy x Barelen Beauty), Fiamatta (Dyna Tron x Guru Doll), Campeon (Dyna Tron x Guru Doll), Unlikable (Nolen x Unforgotten), Auburn Girl (Collision x Miss Bel Air), Ayden Jackson (El Grand Senor x Tequila Mall), Tom's Gift (Fabregas x Eleftheria Girl), Scott Fortitude (Dyna Tron x Ursula) and Well Advertised (Big Daddy Cool x Pretty Nikita).

The next coursing meeting is at Lang Lang on Sunday June 19, featuring the first week of the Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championships and the Ray Boundy Memorial, which conclude on Sunday June 26.

Bred to win

SHE'S ROXZANN (Fawn bitch, May 2014 Big Daddy Cool x It's A She) Tasmanian bred bitch who was beaten 17 lengths at first start, over 515m at Sandown on May 16 after being slow out from box two and never recovering. Improved substantially second start, from box one over 515m at Sandown again on June 5, when third, beaten less than a length in a close finish, behind Dyna Dalma and first starter Miss Baroque, in 30.19. On the improve and worth following as she gains more experience.

COSMIC ACT (Fawn dog, September 2014 Cosmic Rumble x Dewana Savanna). Showed pace at first start, Sandown 515m on May 29 from box 5, when beaten 4.5 lengths by Chief Bale, before second start, Sandown June 5, from box three when second again, beaten seven lengths by Fanta Bale who ran 29.36. Gotta be stiff striking one that quick in a maiden heat so watch out as he gets more experience.


Got a question on Coursing, any of our sires and brood bitch lists, or want to send us news on a litter you've just bred, or any greyhound racing related question, simply email me at [email protected].

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