Greyhound participants charged for alleged unauthorised exports

Greyhound Racing (GRNSW) announced on Thursday evening it had charged 179 industry participants for potential breaches of the Greyhound Racing Rules in relation to the alleged unauthorised export of Australian greyhounds to .

The charges come as part of an ongoing inquiry which was launched by GRNSW last December following an investigation by the ABC’s 7:30 Report which revealed many greyhounds which were deemed too slow for racing in were exported to Asia by their trainers and owners.

The inquiry into the matter is chaired by barrister Adrian Anderson who brings an extensive background in disciplinary matters for a range of sporting organisations, while the newly formed GRNSW Investigations and Unit has also been assisting with the inquiry and compiling the evidence which has led to the recent charges.

The exportation of greyhounds to Macau is against the Rules of Racing as Macau does not comply with Australian animal standards.

Under Rule 124 of the Greyhound Racing Rules, it is a requirement anyone wishing to export a greyhound from Australia to any other country, excluding New Zealand, must first obtain a greyhound passport from prior to meeting the quarantine and inspection service requirements of the relevant country.

Since 2013, Greyhounds Australasia has suspended greyhound passport applications consideration when the intended destination for the greyhound is Macau.

If found guilty of exporting greyhounds to Macau, owners and trainers face a range of heavy penalties including fines, suspensions and possible disqualification from the sport.

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5 years ago

I’m so shocked that people from the greyhound industry who “love their animals and treat them like royalty” would put profit ahead of animal welfare!!!  My Gosh!

Oh well, I’m sure like live baiting it’s only “a few bad eggs”.  179 of them.

Tony Cooper
Tony Cooper
5 years ago

You are definately late wiff yer mail matey. Thats old news.

John Tracey
John Tracey
5 years ago

Two seperate issues around the same rule. The rationale for charging the fee for the greyhound passport is to raise funds for animal welfare. The non compliance with this rule should apply to domestic passport fees to all countries (NZ apparently has a separate trade agreement with GA.) not just a selected few. The breech of this rule should attract a charge equal to the lost fee and added percentage. The money raised from the above source could be used for the greyhounds to re enter the Overseas Federation of Greyhounds and apply sanctions where necessary by popular vote. (Like… Read more »