Talking Breeding: Dyna Double One litters continue to dominate

THIS week's review of litters selected from the Victorian Litter Registrations list for the week ending August 29 begins with three litters by 2015-16 AGRA Greyhound Of The Year, Dyna Double One (March 2013 Barcia Bale x Crystin Bale).

Wallan breeder, Brent Sullivan, who has been very busy of late with whelpings and started last week's review with two litters, has two of the three litters by Dyna Double One.

The first of his two litters is three dogs and five bitches, from the beautifully bred bitch, Buxton Miss (August 2011 Bombastic Shiraz x Spiral Siyan), whose dam is by Spiral Nikita x Flight And Life (Light Of Fire x Flying Amy).

Buxton Miss is from a litter which included prolific winner, Kiss Me Ketut, Morningside, Not Onya Nelly and Quick Succession, with their dam also producing winners from each of her five other litters, by Bekim Bale, Black Enforcer, Brett Lee, Hallucinate and .

On the track she raced 49 times for four wins and 11 placings, winning over 520 metres at Cranbourne (31.41), where she also won over 699 metres (42.43), 595 metres at Sandown (34.90) and 520 metres at Geelong (30.19), with placings noted over 725 metres at The Meadows, 545 metres at Ballarat and five times over 531 metres at Gawler.

According to my breeding records, she has a litter of four dogs and three bitches on file, whelped in July 2015, by Banjo Boy, who are now 14 months old, so she certainly has some well bred youngsters on the ground to kick start her breeding career.

Vic litter registrationsBrent's second Dyna Double One litter, is three dogs and eight bitches, from another very well bred bitch, the very lightly raced, Goddess Mist (February 2012 Collision x Cosmic Goddess), whose dam is by Token Prince x Miss Amberbee (Bobniak x Lovely Portrait).

Goddess Mist is from a litter which included Check Mate, Amber Blaze, Carbon Neutral, Cosmic Kingdom, Cosmic Star, Don Julio and McKnight, with their dam, Cosmic Goddess having an exceptional record as a producer with winners from her other litters, by Bombastic Shiraz, Brett Lee, Cosmic Rumble, Hallucinate and Premier Fantasy*.

Goddess Mist only raced twice, finishing third in her first race start, over 400 metres at Geelong in April 2014 before injury struck at her second start, eighth over 400 metres at Warragul in May 2014 which ended her track career.

She has six named offspring on file, Canny Drive, Eftpos Jess, Macquarie Mist, Megadrive and Ningham Express, who were whelped in October 2014, by Mogambo, then, one named, Penske Mist, whelped in August 2015 by Flying Penske*.

Heathcote breeder, Peter Hazlewood, has the other Dyna Double One litter, which has one dog and three bitches, from another beautifully bred bitch, Honey Boo Boo (December 2011 Bombastic Shiraz x Leprechaun Chloe), whose dam is by Brett Lee x Glamorous (Spiral Nikita* x Leprechaun Yap).

She is from her dam's only litter, of seven named, which included Aeroplane Blazer, Blue Blood Queen, Brodus Clay, Choco Rocco, Rock and Treadstone Chloe.

On the track she was lightly raced with just 16 starts from which she managed two wins and five placings, winning twice over 425 metres at Bendigo (24.48, 24.49), with four placings there and one placing over 390 metres at Shepparton.

She has one previous litter on file, of six dogs and four bitches, whelped in September 2015, by Oaks Road, which were bred by Toolleen breeder, Robert Hayes.

Sister Act

RENEGADE Syndicate, Manager, Bradley Hill, has our next litter for review, which is a beauty, eleven pups by outstanding national stud success, Magic Sprite (March 2008 Brett Lee x Glamorous).

The nine dogs and two bitches are from the beautifully bred bitch, Josie Bale (March 2013 Kelsos Fusileer* x Chloe Allen), whose dam is by Primo Uno x Rosemary Bale (Awesome Assassin x Kobie Bale).

Josie Bale is from an outstanding 100% winning litter which included, Elfen Bale, 2015-16 Victorian Greyhound Of The Year, Fernando Bale, Gazer Bale, Hakata Bale, Ikaku Bale, Kenju Bale and Linco Bale.

The dam has been an outstanding producer, with good winners from both of her other litters on file, whelped in May 2011 by Dyna Lachlan and May 2012 by Cosmic Chief.

Josie Bale only raced 18 times, for two wins and nine placings, winning twice over 450 metres at Ballarat (25.87, 25.95), where she was also placed and worth noting she was placed twice over 525 metres at The Meadows and six times over 515 metres at Angle Park.

Ten Maniacs

TARNEIT breeder, Mark Howe, has a nice litter of 10 pups on the list this week by freakish sprinter, My Bro Fabio (March 2012 Turanza Bale x Flamenco).

The four dogs and six bitches are from the very well bred bitch, Crazy Maniac (June 2010 El Galo x Bonnie In Flight), whose dam is by Primo Uno x Tureena Lee (Brett Lee x ).

Crazy Maniac is from a litter which included El Train, Powerful Flight and Sir Dumbledore, with their dam also producing winners from both of her other litters on file, whelped in August 2011 by Bo Frazier and October 2012 by Dyna Tron.

On the track she raced 22 times for four wins and seven placings, winning twice over 600 metres at Dapto (34.92), where she also won over 520 metres (30.27) and won over 717 metres at (42.36) where she was placed over 535 metres and 618 metres.

She is already a proven brood bitch, with winners from her first litter, bred by Kylie Cassidy, whelped in October 2013, by El Grand Senor, which included Amaroo Gonzales, Beachbar Kenny, Inside Elle, Salute The Wolf and Screw And Bolt.

NSW Whelping Report

NSW Litter ReportTURNING our attention to the NSW Whelping Report for the week ending May 15, our first litter selected for review has seven pups by leading Victorian metropolitan sire Barcia Bale (March 2010 Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale), who is currently in fifth place on the NSW metropolitan sires list.

The Hallinan-Hallinan syndicate, from Clergate, registered the litter of two dogs and five bitches, who are from the beautifully bred, lightly raced bitch, Crafty Lady (July 2009 Bit Chili x Valeri's Purse), whose dam is by Most Awesome x Many Tricks ( x Miss Cruise).

She is from a litter which included Crafty Annie, Crafty Graham, Crafty Hen, Crafty Jamie, Crafty John, Crafty Joseph, Crafty Marg, Crafty Mark and Crafty Warwick, with their dam, Valeri's Purse also producing winners from each of her other litters, by Made To Size, Pure Octane and Slater.

Lightly raced on the track, Crafty Lady had 19 starts for the good record of nine wins and three placings, winning twice over 595 metres at Sandown (34.33), where she also won over 715 metres (42.21), twice over 680 metres at Warragul (39.05) and also over 550 metres at Ballarat (31.81), 680 metres at Geelong (39.05), 699 metres at Cranbourne (42.09) and 720 metres at Wentworth Park (43.19).

She has six named offspring on file, from her February 2014 litter by Nolen, which produced, Zipping Gator, Zipping Hersi, Zipping Kara, Zipping Nolen, Zipping Silva and Zipping Stu, then she has four dogs and three bitches on file, whelped in September 2015 by Mogambo.

Two Grand litters

TWO litters on the NSW list this week by the 2010 Melbourne Cup winner, El Grand Senor (April 2008 Where's Pedro x Elgrando Gold) who has achieved stud success throughout Australia.

Hamlyn Terrace breeder, Noelene Holloway, has the first of the two litters, which has seven dogs and five bitches, from the beautifully bred bitch, Queen Marina (August 2011 Lochinvar Marlow x Fascinate Marina), whose dam is by Hallucinate x Malawi's Marina (Malawi's Prince x Silver Cruise) and worth recalling, Silver Cruise is by Curryhill Brute* x Silver Slipper (Brother Fox x No Reverse).

She is from a litter which included Fascinate Mary, King Sapphire, Mike Marlow, Queen Esther and Zac Marlow, with their dam also producing some very good winners from her only other litter on file, whelped in September 2013, by Spring Gun, which included, Big Tee Rex, Magic Spring, One Samuel, Queen Audrey, Spring Solomon and Zion.

Queen Marina raced 109 times for 11 wins and 37 placings, winning over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (29.95) where she also won three times over 720 metres (42.29), three times over 600 metres at Gosford (34.75), where she also won twice over 515 metres (29.56) and won over 515 metres (30.18) and 600 metres (34.62) at The Gardens.

Jilliby breeder, Beverly Sandes, has the other El Grand Senor litter, which has two dogs and five bitches, from the well bred bitch, Tica's Girl (April 2010 Ticabond x Pride Of Roses), whose dam is by x Ding's Rocket (Saintly Crew x Ding's Beauty) and to save you looking, Tica's Girl's sire Ticabond is beautifully bred, by Bond x Debenture (Black Shiraz x Black Show Belle).

Tica's Girl is one of her dam's only two named offspring, along with Ticabond Victory, who raced only once, when unplaced over 274 metres at Appin in April 2013.

On the track Tica's Girl raced 24 times for nine wins and two placings, winning three times over 515 metres at Gosford (30.05), three times over 450 metres at Maitland (25.56), where she also won over 400 metres (22.93) and also won over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (30.37) and 400 metres at The Gardens (22.96).

Fernando Bale litter

WHITEMAN CREEK breeder, Evelyn Harris, has a litter of seven pups on the list this week by outstanding stud prospect, Fernando Bale (March 2013 Kelsos Fuslieer* x Chloe Allen).

The one dog and six bitches in the litter, are from the very well bred bitch, Dark And Stormy (February 2009 Bit Chili x All Display), whose dam is by Rapid Journey x Another Bonus (Head Honcho x Berrigaan).

She is from a litter of four named, which included All Debree, Big Bonus and Total Debree, with their dam also having winners on file from both of her other litters, whelped in May 2005 by Elite State x April 2007 by Collision.

On the track, Dark And Stormy raced 100 times for 20 wins and 14 placings, winning five times over 484 metres at Casino (27.61), four times over 515 metres at The Gardens (29.96), four times over 407 metres at Grafton (23.13), twice over 520 metres at (30.55) and also over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (30.57) and 394 metres at Wauchope (22.00).

She has two previous litters on file, whelped in July 2013, by Magic Sprite, which produced Black Angie, Black Day Bonus, Black Lee Bonus, Black Only Bonus, Dark Sprite, Miss Spritely, Nine Millimetre and Vincent, then December 2014, by Cosmic Rumble, which produced Evey Bonus, Nash Bonus, Red Bonus and Zac's Kane.

Seven little Pearls

OUR final litter for review this week is one of seven pups by the beautifully bred, stud success, Smooth Fancy (November 2007 Collision x Flash Fancy).

Registered by Mount Forbes breeder, Peter Sullivan, the three dogs and four bitches, are from the beautifully bred bitch, Bay Of Pearls (November 2008 Go Wild Teddy x Kath's A Star), whose dam is by Waterview Star x Isa Brown (Fortified Speed* x Goddess Of Fire) and worth recalling, Goddess Of Fire is by Light Of Fire x Tranquil Flame (Acacia Ablaze x Placid Dove) and also that Isa Brown won the 2002 Australian Cup.

Bay Of Pearls is from a litter which included Kath's A Cougar, Kath's Rebel, Star John, Star Reggie, Uncut Ruby and Wild Albert, with their dam only having two other named offspring, Shirley A Star and Star Jack, who were whelped in July 2010 by Bit Chili.

On the track she raced 35 times for 10 wins and four placings, winning three times over 420 metres at Tweed Heads (23.69), three times over 411 metres at Casino (23.23), twice over 395 metres at (23.12), where she also won over 331 metres (10.39) and also won over 431 metres at Ipswich (25.38).

Her breeding career has got off to a good start with winners from the seven named from her first litter, whelped in May 2013, by Magic Sprite, Bay Of Sprite, Dianne's Pearl, Magic Kitchen, Pearls A Plenty, Pearl's Angel, Renouf's Magic and Sister Tasha, then she has a litter of three dogs and three bitches on file, whelped in August 2015 by Oaks Road.

Victorian Stud Service Statistics

STUD Service figures released by GRV covering services registered in the month of May, showed a total of 25 services by 19 different sires, with only four sires with multiple services, Kinloch Brae* with four, and Bekim Bale, Fernando Bale and Paw Licking with two each.

Looking at the combined figures for the five months to the end of May, Fernando Bale has 17, followed by Dyna Double One 13, Barcia Bale 12, Kinloch Brae* and Magic Sprite 10 each, Banjo Boy 8, Stagger 6, Fabregas and My Bro Fabio 5 each, Bekim Bale 4, Bella Infrared*, Dyna Tron, Hostile, Kiowa Mon Manny* and Premier Boloney with 3 each, then Blue Giant, College Causeway, Cosmic Rumble, Echelon, General Destini, Hooksy, , KC And All*, Kiowa Producer*, Nitro Burst, Oaks Road, Paradise Madison*, Paw Licking, Smart Missile, Spud Regis, Vee Man Vane and Walk Hard with 2 each completing the list of sires with multiple services in the first five months of the year.

Let us now look at the complete list of all sires with services registered in Victoria in the first five months of 2016, in alphabetical order, with the two figures for each sire, representing their services in May, then the five months January to May.

Allen Deed 0-1, Al Moran 0-1, Arising 0-1, Banjo Boy 1-8, Barcia Bale 1-12, Bartrim Bale 0-1, Bekim Bale 2-4, Bella Infrared* 0-3, Ballymac Vic* 0-1, 0-1, Black Magic Opal 0-1, Blue Giant 0-2, Cape Hawke 0-1, College Causeway* 1-2, Cosmic Rumble 0-2, Cruisy Mission 0-1, Don't Knocka Him 0-1, Dyna Double One 1-13, Dyna Steal 1-1, Dyna Tron 1-3, Dyna Villa 0-1, Early Return 0-1, Echelon 0-2, Elite State 0-1, Fabregas 0-5, Fernando Bale 2-17, Flying Scott 0-1, General Destini 0-2, Goodesy 1-1, Hooksy 0-2, Hostile 0-3, Jagger Swagger 0-2, Jarvis Bale 0-1, Just The Best 1-1, Kayda Shae 0-1, KC And All* 0-2, Kelsos Fusileer* 0-1, 1-1, Kinloch Brae* 4-10, Kiowa Mon Manny* 0-3, Kiowa Producer 0-2, Knocka Norris 0-1, Kynan's Express 0-1, Lochinvar Marlow 0-1, Magic Sprite 1-10, Makeshift* 0-1, Milldean Panther* 1-1, Mogambo 0-1, My Bro Fabio 0-5, Nitro Burst 0-2, Neb 1-1, Nolen 1-1, Oaks Road 0-2, Paddy's Flame 0-1, Paradise Madison* 0-2, Paw Licking 2-2, Premier Boloney 0-3, Premier Fantasy* 1-1, Prince Diablo 0-1, Rooney 1-1, Razldazl Jatfkay* 0-1, Sisco Rage 0-1, Smart Missile 0-2, Smoke Home 0-1, Speed Series 0-1, Spud Regis 0-2, Stagger 0-6, Swift Fancy 0-1, Taylors Sky 0-1, Tommy Brislane 0-1, Turanza Bale 0-1, Vapour Whirl 0-1, Vee Man Vane 0-2, Walk Hard 0-2, Westmead Osprey* 0-1, Where's Pedro 0-1 and Zulu Zeus 0-1.

English-Irish Sires List

English sires listTHIS week we have a look at the combined English-Irish Sires List for the eight months to the end of August, which shows three Australian bred sires in the top five and five in the top 25, while 11 of the top 25 sires are sired by Australian bred sires, which says a lot of the standard of the Australian breeding industry.

While it is necessary to freshen up our breeding stocks from time to time with overseas bloodlines, I often think there is too much emphasis placed on international sires, sometimes to the detriment of our own Australian bred bloodlines, but that's probably a dangerous debate to get into, and whichever way you think, better left for another day.

Good to see Ace Hi Rumble (Brett Lee x Rumble Spirit), Head Bound (Head Honcho x Sobbing Sal) and the relative new boy on the block, Godsend (Bombastic Shiraz x Sensation Lee) doing so well in the top five.

I always find it interesting to look through the breeding of the top sires from around the world, and often find myself lost in my private little place where pedigrees dominate thoughts.

Interested to know thoughts on the English-Irish list, or the current state of our own breeding industry, setting aside the current problems in NSW. So, if you've got an opinion you would like to put forward, email: [email protected]

Bred to Win

STILL IN PLAY (White & black dog, March 2014 Djays Octane* x She's A Player). Trainer – Kevin Chivell, Sunbury. Only raced twice for eighth, from box six over 525 metres MEP, August 17 beaten six lengths in the race won by Crazy Kicker (30.04) before second up fourth from box four, 515 metres SAP, September 18, beaten 9.3 lengths in the race won by You Bug Me (30.16). Hasn't had much luck with boxes in first two starts, but looks to have plenty of ability and won't take long to break through.

BEETEE (Black dog, May 2014 Cosmic Rumble x My Mum Sienna). Trainer – Brian Toner, Giffard West. Raced five times for four placings and has his foot right on the till. Thirds over 520 metres at Cranbourne, 600 metres MEP and 600 metres The Meadows, before last start third, from box five, SAP, September 18, beaten 6.3 lengths in the race won by Canal Court (34.80). Has been a model of consistency to date and should be rewarded with a win shortly.

ONE REQUIRED (Red fawn dog, March 2015 Cosmic Rumble x Enlightment). Trainer – Graeme Jose, Catani. Only raced four times for two wins, Warragul 400 metres (22.99), August 16 and Warragul 460 metres (25.82), September 6 before fifth from box two over 515 metres SAP, September 18, beaten 6.2 lengths in a very rough race won by Becky Bale (30.02). Big step up from 460 metres at Warragul to 515 metres Sandown, Sunday meeting or not. Looks a likely city winner.

Next Week

NEXT week we hope to have the US Sires list for the eight months to the end of August, stud service figures from NSW for the five months to the end of May, and our usual review of litters, from Victoria and New South Wales, along with any news that comes in through the Mailbag.


Got a question on any of our sires and brood bitch lists, or want to send us news on a litter you've just bred, or any greyhound racing related question, simply email me at [email protected]

We are particularly interested in hearing from Queensland breeders about their litters, after we have still not received any response from the authority there in regards to our request for information.

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