Thirteen Facts About The Brisbane Cup

Inaugural Running

The first race took place over 558 metres at the newly-opened Gabba track in 1972 and was taken out by the Victorian sprinter Garron Court. The race was run on 26 October and Garron Court, a brindle bitch, exited box 2 and took her record at The Gabba to six wins from six starts.

Race Name

The event was initially called the Gabba Sprint Championship until 1975. Then, from 1976 to 1981 it became known as the Brisbane Cup. From 1982 to 1999 the event was sponsored by Coca Cola and renamed the Coca Cola Cup, but since 2000 it has once again become known as the Brisbane Cup.


The race has only been contested over two distances on two tracks. From 1972 to 1992 it was run over 558 metres at The Gabba and since 1993 it has been contested over 520 metres at .

First Queensland Winner

The first Queensland winner of the race was Top Simbi in 1973, who was one of the greatest greyhounds to have ever raced in Queensland, Top Simbi won by five lengths to take his record at The Gabba to 17 wins from just 20 outings.

When Is The Race Run

Although now contested in December, the race was previously held in October, until 1994, and then September from 1995 to 2000.

Biggest Winning Margins

NSW speedster Pororoca won the 2005 event by nine and a quarter lengths from box 1, setting a new of 29.66 for the 520 metres in the process. Champion bitch won by eight lengths in 1995 in a then race record of 29.89.

Closest Winning Margin

This belongs to Victorian raider , who downed NSW star Mandagery Man by just a nose in 2007.

Most Successful Trainer/s

Jason Thompson has won with Uno Joel (2007), El Galo (2008), and Got A Moment (2012). In a strange coincidence, Thompson had two runners in the 2007 final, the winner and the last placegetter (El Galo), and two runners in the 2012 final, the winner and, once again, the last placegetter (Proven Nitro). Other successful trainers have been Dennis Reid (1987 Whip Tip; 1998 Questions), (1995 Flying Amy; 2009 ; and three unplaced finalists in 2012), Tony Brett (2003 Bogie Leigh; 2011 ), Helen Ivers (2001 & 2002 Tricky Creek), and (1994 Toss The Teddy; 1997 Barrio Babe)

Only Dual Winner

The only greyhound to have won the race twice is Tricky Creek, who exited box two in 2001 to score by just over seven lengths and, a year later, came out of box one to make it two in a row for Helen and Mick Ivers.

Only Reserve To Win

In 2012 Got A Moment made the field when Here's To You was scratched. Although drawn in box 6, Got A Moment went on to score by two and a half lengths.

Dual Finalists

There have been seven of these. Flying Amy (second 1994, won 1995), Questions (won 1998, third 1999), Faithful Hawk (third 1998, second 1999), Bogie Leigh (won 2003, second 2004), El Galo (eighth 2007, won 2008), (won 2010, fourth 2011), and Glen Gallon (won 2011, second 2012).

Some Beaten Stars

There have also been some pretty good greyhounds who have made the final, but not won the race: Bristol Sue (third 1974), Ungwilla Lad (third 1975), Roanokee (second 1997), (second 1998), and Dashing Corsair (second 2009).

Dog Or Bitch

Perhaps the most interesting fact is that the vast majority of winners of the 41 running's have been male greyhounds. Indeed, since the change to December finals in 2001 and the victories of Tricky Creek (twice) and Bogie Leigh (2003), the last nine winners have all been male.

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Greyhound Racing
Greyhound Racing
10 years ago

Anyone got some other interesting facts about the Brisbane Cup?

Greyhound Racing
Greyhound Racing
10 years ago

Anyone got some other interesting facts about the Brisbane Cup?