WA Stewards Disqualify McAlpine

yesterday inquired into the circumstances surrounding the accommodation provided for greyhounds by Owner/Trainer Ms Belinda McAlpine.

Evidence was taken from Owner/Trainer Ms B. McAlpine, Chief Mr C. Martins, Steward Mr G. O’Dea and a Ranger from the City of Rockingham.

Owner/Trainer Ms B. McAlpine pleaded guilty to a charge under GRR86(q) for allowing greyhounds entry into her rented house and failing to maintain it to an acceptable standard, an act which is detrimental to the image of greyhound racing.

Owner/Trainer Ms B. McAlpine was subsequently disqualified for a period of twelve (12) months.

Further, Ms B. McAlpine was found guilty to a charge under GRR 106(1)(c), in that she did not ensure that all greyhounds in her care and custody were provided with kennels constructed of a standard approved by the body.

Owner/Trainer Ms B. McAlpine was fined the sum of $250.

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