Campana Hopeful In Canning Trophy Heats

Everybody loves a gentleman and luckily trainer Eric Campana has one in Get Around Him. After making the trip to the West from , he has impressed onlookers with his record at . The gentle giant has a big test ahead of him this week in the heats of the .

His usual 530 metre distance target will become that little bit harder, with youngster Kid (box five) and Dannie Bale (box eight) in the line up.

“He tries his hardest, but he is just a very steady type of dog. You have dogs like Rapido Kid who is a smart young dog and Dannie Bale who is capable of 30.30 on his night. I think this field is going to be a lot harder for him.” Trainer Eric Campana explained.

Get Around Him, known around the kennels as Willis, ran an unexpected personal best time of 30.72 last week from box three.

“He isn’t known for his early speed and last week was the first time he ever really showed he can come out and show a little bit. Before that he was a very steady 30.80 dog, running around 5.90 first section. Last week when he went 5.76 early, then 30.72.”

“If he can repeat that he is where he wants to be, on the fence, if he runs his 30.70’s he should hopefully be there in the finish, but Rapido Kid and Dannie Bale are just a better class of dog.”

“If he drew outside you would just wipe him off, but because he has box two and is mad for the fence, he is in with a chance. If he gets the arm early and there is a bit of luck in racing there is no reason he couldn’t improve a little bit more and win the race.”

The Canning Trophy heats are full of talented chasers, none more than Linda Britton’s litter sisters High Recall and No Recall. has Astronomic and Ben Abercrombie has dropped his freakish bitch Takahashi down from the 642 metre trip.

Heat One (8.07pm Perth time)

Takahashi for Ben Abercrombie has well and truly earned $1.80 favouritism after her return from a lengthy injury spell. Her run two weeks ago over this distance was remarkable, coming from last to win by three and a half lengths. Even from box four it is hard to pass up this greyhound, she is a good beginner and very strong over 530.

Fun Princess jumps from the favourable box one. She is a good Mandurah dog, but this is only her second start at Cannington and she will have to be at more then her best to take out this race. West On Santo is another talented young chaser, but box six doesn’t make this race much easier for him. He is in with a chance.

Heat Two (8.27pm Perth time)

Linda Britton holds favouritism with Rapido Kid from box five. The black dog has only had 11 starts for seven wins, with a personal best time of 30.42. He is a very talented dog and won’t need too much luck to win this race.

Dannie Bale has found himself in box eight for the 13th time in his career. He has only won on two occasions from this box and much prefers the inside box draws. He is capable of running 30.30’s on his night, so it is impossible to count him out despite the draw.

Zellwegers Magic is jumping from box six paying $24.00 and this field is extremely hard for the blue veteran, but you wouldn’t put it past him to snatch a victory if the race pans out in his .

Heat Three (8.47pm Perth time)

Astronomic currently holds $1.60 favouritism in this heat from box two. He has proved week in week out that he is a talented chaser, recording a personal best time of 30.23. From box two he is going to be hard to beat if he finds the lead early.

Kova Monelli from box three is also in with a good chance. His best time of 30.53 isn’t quiet up to Astronomic’s standard, but if he decides to jump this week he could improve his time. You Can Dream for trainer Dennis Calleja is looking for her third consecutive win at Cannington. She is jumping from box four paying $5.50 and if she repeats her personal best time of 30.51, it will give her a good chance of winning the race.

Heat Four (9.07pm Perth time)

Linda Britton has two very good chances in the fourth heat, Proven Will and Star Recall. Proven Will is coming out of box two and is currently paying $5.00 to take the race out. He hasn’t had much luck his last two starts, but he put in a personal best performance three starts back running 30.51.

Star Recall returns from a less than successful stint at The Meadows and is jumping from box six as favourite. She has shown that she means business at Cannington in her career and it’s hard to pass this young greyhound up knowing the times she is capable of running.

Cheeky Bling jumping from box eight is looking for his second win at Cannington in four starts. The white and black dog is due for a win on recent form, but this race might be a little out of his reach if Star Recall finds the front.

Heat Five (9.22pm Perth time)

High Recall is another one of Linda Britton’s chasers that made the trip over to Melbourne for the . She finished fourth at The Meadows, finding it difficult to compete with such a high class of dog at such a young age. Box six could be her only issue in this race; she is capable of running time, which is why she is currently the $1.30 favourite.

Powerhouse (box two) has continued to improve since his injury induced stint on the sidelines. He hasn’t tasted victory in sometime, but he has the box to help him this week. ’s Wandy Zavier jumps from the one box in this heat. The brindle dog will find it hard up against some of these chasers, but is in with a chance because of his box.

Heat Six (9.37pm Perth time)

The Steve Withers trained Perfect Poison (box seven) is currently the $3.50 favourite. The little brindle bitch has stepped down in distance from the 642, so expect her to strong.

Black Dymas is jumping from box two looking for his first victory in over four starts. He’s capable of a decent time on his night and the box draw increases his chances of victory. Coloccini has taken a liking to box one, coming up to his 10th start from the box for three wins and two placings. Although he has shown more at Mandurah, if he is able to run the 530 metre distance out well he could get on top of this even field.

“High Recall and No Recall are both proven bitches after making the Perth Cup, and Astronomic is a really good dog when he finds the front. Takahashi is also going good, so there are plenty of smart dogs in the heats.”

“Willis (Get Around Him) isn’t in their class of dog. If you had a kennel full of dogs like him you would be happy, but you wouldn’t be winning any feature races with them. He is a good little chaser.”

“He was just a dog that couldn’t match it with the class in Melbourne and came over here to the lower grade races. He has turned out to be a bit better then expected. If he keeps racing the way he is I won’t look too hard at moving him out of the kennels. There are good dogs around, but we are struggling for fields over here. There is no reason why he can’t pinch a few Canning’s.”

Campana is more than impressed with his chaser, who has now racked up four wins from seven starts in WA, because Campana doesn’t have many dogs racing at the moment he is enjoying having Willis run around in his name. Throughout the time Willis has spent in Campana’s kennels, he has made a bit of an impression on his new trainer.

“He is a great dog, beautiful kennel dog, well mannered and a pleasure to have in my kennels. If he had that little bit extra ability, running around 30.40 he would be on top of the list. He is just a gentleman, never barks and never does anything wrong.”

“I enjoy having him, he is easy to work with and he has no injuries for us so he races week to week. He tries 100% on the track so you cant ask for much more.”

On Saturday night Willis faces his toughest test yet, going head to head with up and coming Rapido Kid and old timer Dannie Bale in the heats of the Canning Trophy.

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