Appin Cup

Unleash De Fear Looking to “Disintergrate” Competitors In Grafton Classic Final

The highlight of the Grafton Greyhound Racing Club’s July Carnival will be this Wednesday, as the two main finals are staged after two weeks of...

Recalling The Great ‘Seeds’ Of Appin

In an article by my always-interesting colleague Bruce Teague entitled ‘A Fine and Ancient Sport’ one of the questions he asks is ‘what has been...

Mountain Of Love & Matic’s Appin Cup

Saturday June 7 saw great weather, 3 top heats of the Cup, 4 Blue Paws Maiden heats and 3 grade 5 Blue Paws heats all...

Monday 9th June 2008

Saturday 7th June 2008

GRNSW Country Challenge Draws Near For Appin

The GRNSW Country Challenge Appin Cup is drawing nearer and is offering $4000 to the final winner.