Harold Park

Foley with Jackey Moon

Foley hoping Jackey Moon takes a liking to Wentworth Park

Hunter Valley greyhound racing stalwart Anne Foley epitomises what every trainer should aspire to be: a passionate, kind, and enthusiastic role-model for the next generation.
Remember when

Elle Gazelle shares a name with the former King of Harold Park

ON December 2 at Sandown Park a greyhound named Elle Gazelle finished well beaten in a heat of the Laurels, but her name brought back...

Red Zero: six months from beginning to glory to the end

ONE of the more intriguing aspects of the honour roll for the National Sprint Championship is the number of winners who have taken out the...
Greyhound Racing

Australian greyhound racing celebrates its 90th anniversary

GREYHOUND racing behind a mechanical lure took place for the first time on Australian soil on a cold Saturday night May 28, 1927. Yet that...