100 New South Wales Greyhounds Go “High Tech”

The NSW Greyhound and Harness Racing Authority () has advised Australian Racing Greyhoundadvises that 100 Greyhounds have so far been microchipped as part of the New South Wales Microchipping Trial.

The NSW GHRRA microchipping trial is designed to invesigate the plausablility of microchipping in racing greyhounds as a reliable and safe alternative to ear branding as a method of identification

The Greyhounds microchipped were aged 6-8 weeks, 12 weeks, 10-12 months and Racing Greyhounds.

The NSW GHRRA wish to thank the following people who either provided the Greyhounds for the trial or assisted in the Microchipping :

In addition, The GHRRA ackowledge that Provet provided the Microchips and a Scanner, at no cost.

The Greyhounds will be examined, on an ongoing basis, to ensure there are no issues arising from this process.

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