NSW GHRRA Approve Micro-Chip Trials In Racing Greyhounds

The News South Wales has approved Microchipping Trials to commence in New South Wales.

Veterinarian has consented to assist in the Trial and has already offered to provide suitable Greyhounds for the Trial.

The Authority is currently sourcing other Trainers who may be willing to assist.

In addition, the Authority has been provided a Scanner and 100 Microchips to commence testing.

Key issues to be addressed in this Trial include:

  • Potential movement of the
  • Ease of insertion
  • Ability of persons other than a Veterinarian to insert the Microchip

One of the critical issues to be assessed overall is the cost to the Industry of Microchipping and whether it replaces /Marking or is an adjunct.

All these matters will be carefully considered by the Authority prior to the next Meeting in in mid March 2009.

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