Australian Greyhound Community Rally Behind Perrin Family

The Australian greyhound community has been quick to react to the tragic news stemming from bushfires which swept through the Perrin's Michelago property late Thursday.

In addition to losing their sole business, their sawmill, and all the milled timber; the Perrins suffered the cruel fate of losing 13 of their beloved greyhounds, and had to endure the sounds of their demise without being able to reach them and rescue them.

All 18 of the Bruce and Lindsay Perrin's greyhounds were their own ex racing greyhounds and the family had provided them all a home for life, such is the deep levels of affection and care the Perrins have for they dogs.

They managed to save 5 of the greyhounds, with one still in a Veterinary Hospital this morning in a very serious condition. In an act of admirable genorosity the Vet clinic, concerned Tuggeranong Veterinary Hospital has refused to take any payment for the care of treatment of the Perrin's greyhounds.

And the random acts of kindness have not stopped there as it seems the Perrin's story has captured the of participants.

Acting through the greyhound pedigree website Greyhound Data, many greyhound industry participants have donated time, cash and stud services to assist the Perrins get over their loss and to help them as they rebuild their sawmill.

The Perrin Appeal has seen stud services donated for auction from some of the top sires in Australia as well as pups to be auctioned with all proceeds going to the Perrins.

Some of the sires being auctioned include , , Clappin Thunder, Commandant, , Farloe Merlin, General Magoo, Give Me Five, , , , , Path To Power, Premier Style, Slater, Superman, Talks Cheap, Velentia Citrate and Where's Hoover.

Anyone interested in helping the Perrin Appeal or making a donation can vist either of two websites to take part :

Perrin Appeal
Greyhound Data

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