2015/16 Group 1 Silver Chief semi-final tips & betting preview

FOUR semi-finals of the (525 metres) will be held at on Saturday night, with an abundance of speed and talent engaged across the series.

There are at least three genuine winning chances in each semi-final and it should make for a great night of racing as everyone recovers from another hectic Christmas Day.

The first semi-final is race five on the card this Saturday and is set to jump at 8:37pm AEDT.

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Race No. 5Ajs Corporation Silver Chief S/f18:37 PM (VIC time)
S/E Semi Final event over 525 metres at The meadows Of $14,500 Prizemoney.
1st: $10,000 2nd: $3,000 3rd: $1,500.


1IGOR KARKAROFF [3]1416130.04(3)I Cockerell (Buckley)
2HUSH NOW (NSW)[4]1113329.91(2)B Bravo (Lovely Banks)
3AEROPLANE BOB [5]11113NBTJ Thompson (Pearcedale)
4MY SILVER CHISEL [4]1112230.08(5)D Burnett (Little River)
5DYNA JUGGLER (NSW)[5]4321130.10(3)A Dailly (Anakie)
6 [5]2363129.77(2)C Bahen (Yuroke)
7EATON BALE (NSW)[4]7884229.96(7)A Dailly (Anakie)
8ZIGSTAR (QLD)[5]5351230.26(6)J Magri (Avalon)
9ALLEN MEMBO (NSW)[4]Res.7543330.09(1)R Britton (Lara)
10DIEGO BALE (NSW)[3]Res.7312429.98(4)A Dailly (Anakie)

Great semi to kick off the night and there appear to be quite a few chances. Last week the highly promising Mystery Ride ($4.50) blew away his rivals with a breathtaking 29.77 heat win and a repeat of that would see him win, however there is a lot of early speed in this race so I think he will be up against it. I've decided to go with Aeroplane Bob ($10 with Bet365) which was having his first look at the track last week and experienced a lot of bother in running. With the two and four expected to challenge for the lead, he should be able to sit just behind them and I think he will be too strong in the run home.

Hush Now ($6.50) showed dazzling early speed in his heat placing and I would expect him to find the line a little better this week. There is no speed in the red so he should find the rail easily and if he holds them out he might shoot away mid race.

Igor Karkaroff ($3.60) is a strong chaser and he will be steaming home at the end so he must be included in your exotic bets.

Mystery Ride rounds out the chances, he is a beast but he is still learning the caper and I think he will be under the odds in this event.

Top Four: 3 – 2 – 1 – 6

Race No. 7Ajs Corporation Silver Chief S/f29:20 PM (VIC time)
S/E Semi Final event over 525 metres at The meadows Of $14,500 Prizemoney.
1st: $10,000 2nd: $3,000 3rd: $1,500.


1TYWIN BALE (NSW)[4]4351130.23(7)S Collins (Lara)
2ALLEN TERMINATOR (NSW)[5]11112NBTM Delbridge (Balliang)
3MEPUNGA JOFFA [5]1175330.16(3)J Britton (Anakie)
4MIDWINTER [5]23312NBTA Stewart (Melton)
5PERCY'S LAD [3]6158330.31(4)B Bravo (Lovely Banks)
6TWIST OF THUNDER (NSW)[5]12813NBTA Langton (Anakie)
7 [4]2351129.84(7)J Thompson (Pearcedale)
8IT'S CLASSIFIED (WA)[4]8111129.90(1)T Murray (Lewiston)
9ZIPPING CHUBBZ (NSW)[5]Res.8113430.41(3)J Ennis (Lara)
10LETRON JAMES (NSW)[5]Res.1514430.23(2)A Dailly (Anakie)

Another quality lineup is set to do battle and I have given the edge to Allen Terminator ($3.75 with Sportsbet) who really surprised and impressed me last week. I gave him no chance of running out a true 525m, however after a brilliant getaway and reeling off sizzling sectionals he was only reeled in late in the race and his personal time was well under the 30 second barrier. He should have no trouble burning to the early lead again and if he gets away mid race he should get away with the race.

Midwinter ($11) is probably better suited to a longer distance and this is easily the toughest race he has negotiated but he really powered to the line when placed in good time last week and if he can drop in behind the early speed he should be there to pounce at the end. He will be big odds and he could be a nice place investment.

Invictus Rapid ($3.20) and It's Classified ($4.50) are both star talents and if either had drawn inside they would be going around at a short quote. From the wide draw both will need a lot to go their way but they still must be respected.

Top Four: 2 – 4 – 8 – 7

Race No. 8Ajs Corporation Silver Chief S/f39:40 PM (VIC time)
S/E Semi Final event over 525 metres at The meadows Of $14,500 Prizemoney.
1st: $10,000 2nd: $3,000 3rd: $1,500.


1WHITE BANDIT (NSW)[2]3241130.02(2)L Delbridge (Balliang)
2MARLEY BALE (NSW)[4]5451129.83(1)A Dailly (Anakie)
3HARLON [3]2621129.93(4)M Fearnley (Yinnar)
4SLICK ICE [5]53113NBTA Stewart (Melton)
5ALLEN MARKY (NSW)[5]2232230.20(4)M Delbridge (Balliang)
6ANTI DENTITE (QLD)[5]31112NBTS Rolph (Bunya)
7ASTON EBERT (SA)[5]3232230.42(1)J Thompson (Pearcedale)
8TAKE THE CROWN (NSW)[5]13273NBTJ Thompson (Pearcedale)
9WORM BURNER (SA)[5]Res.31114NBTC Butcher (Meningie)
10PONTING'S NAIL [5]Res.8443430.32(8)J Sharp (Lara)

Harlon ($2.75) is normally a very reliable beginner and he was never really in doubt when scoring here last week in a slick 29.93. Obviously this race is a lot tougher and he will need to do everything right in the initial stages but if he can repeat his first sectional from last week he should be off and gone with the prize mid race.

Marley Bale ($4 with Bet365) has returned to racing in fine style and he really hit the line well when scoring a sizzling 29.83 heat win. On that occasion he was able to get a nice run through in the early stages and he was into some clear galloping room. He has a fair bit of speed drawn around him in this so he is going to need to be on his best behaviour at box rise.

Slick Ice ($17) is an inexperienced chaser but he turned in an eye catching performance last week and he should be a lot better for the run. His personal time is well under the 30 second mark and if he follows Harlon across early he should be able to settle in a threatening position.

Allen Marky ($11) is probably the only other winning prospect. He can show early speed and he can also come from off the speed in his races and with some luck early he could cause an upset.

Top Four: 3 – 4 – 5 – 2

Race No. 9Ajs Corporation Silver Chief S/f49:57 PM (VIC time)
S/E Semi Final event over 525 metres at The meadows Of $14,500 Prizemoney.
1st: $10,000 2nd: $3,000 3rd: $1,500.


1CUTTING EDGE [4]1512129.74(7)G Collins (Wattle Flat)
2MOREIRA [4]6261229.87(2)J Thompson (Pearcedale)
3KIOWA JONES [5]11412NBTC Constantinou (Devon Meadows)
4DYNA JONAH (NSW)[4]1815330.19(7)A Dailly (Anakie)
5HE'S SO GOOD [4]1661330.18(6)K Greenough (Pearcedale)
6DUFF BALE (NSW)[5]55442NBTH Collins (Lara)
7ERNEST BALE (NSW)[4]4354129.89(2)S Collins (Lara)
8AMERICAN MONSTER [4]2111330.33(7)A Paraskevas ( South)
9ALLEN LOTTERY (NSW)[5]Res.1135429.97(5)M Delbridge (Balliang)
10ABSOLUTE POWER [5]Res.55524NBTJ Thompson (Pearcedale)

This is probably the most exciting race on the night with four genuine stars set to do battle. I've given the edge to American Monster ($7.50 with Sportsbet) purely because he has the most genuine early speed in the race and with an even getaway he should have the speed to get across at the first turn. He has scored some devastating wins in recent weeks and if he brings that form to town he should be running around the 29.80 mark on the .

Cutting Edge ($2.30) is an excitement machine having won nine of 11 starts to date but he will need to do everything right at box rise. There is quite a bit of speed in the middle and out wide, so if he does hesitate he is likely to get shuffled back early. With a clear run though he will take a power of beating.

Moreira ($3.20) and Ernest Bale ($6.50) are two gifted chasers but both suffer from poor box manners and they will require some luck in running, however if either one gets it they should be there to threaten at the end.

Top Four: 8 – 2 – 1 – 7

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