Greyhound Betting Tips For Monday 25th February 2013

I’m glad we were able to pick up a few last night. It appeared a tough night, but we got 3 winners, and a couple of exactas. So it turned out a pretty good night on the punt.

Back again tonight and we are going to do our best to find you a couple more. We are yet to get a clean sweep, but I get the feeling it’s not too far off !!

Albion Park Greyhounds, Race 7 Box 1, Cherono 8.43 pm Qld time

I’ve spent a fair bit of time trying to nut this race right out, and I’m hoping I’ve managed to do so. Cherono, should easily lead this race and his early speed might just get him home in this. I can see the race panning out . Cherono, based on his last effort should ping and carve out a 5.71 first section 11.72 second section and improve slightly on his last run home in about 12.90, giving him an overall time of 30.33

Gamah’s Wonder is his main danger, providing, Direct Snow doesn’t carve across him early and hold him up. If Gamah’s Wonder can stay in the clear early, he should be able to run sectionals of 5.82 first section, 11.78 second section and run home in 12.74 giving him a total time of 30.34. Which would suggest there will be nothing in it on the line. If all goes to plan Cherono wins, by a whisker. Or Direct Snow does his job and holds up Gamah’s Wonder early.

They either hit the line together, which will make for a great quinella or Cherono skips away and Gamah’s Wonder finds trouble, and may miss out on a place. Fingers Crossed.

Angle Park Greyhounds, Race 7 Box 2, Long Gully Bob. 8.35 pm Vic time

I’m not a fan of this bloke but I’m selecting him for two reasons.

  • A. He has a big motor and can run quick times given he gets his own way.
  • B. Because he’s out of my Favourite race dog and sire who tragically passed away too early in .

Long Gully Bob, has a little bit of cat in him, something I think has been passed on by his dam, s their was one in the previous litter who also had a huge motor who raced the same way. When I say “Cat” I mean he has a tendency to not push his way through a field, or he tends to ease right up when he becomes crowded. A trait that generally see’s him put himself out of the race at box rise.

With ordinary beginners around him, I’m hoping this bloke shows his early pace and gets around the first turn in front, and does not get crowded. If he finds the front he will be almighty hard to beat, on the bunny, and I can’t see him being run down. One thing is for sure, we will know our fate at box rise with this bloke. Come on mate !!

Hobart Greyhounds, Race 7 Box 6 Franklin Blueboy, 8.45 pm Vic time

A little one from the left field here, with Franklin Blueboy. He’s generally quite weak to the line, but as is so common with progeny, he’s hung on much better the last couple of starts as he gets a little older. He has a fantastic record from this box, with 7 starts for 4 wins and 1 placing. With slow beginners drawn around him he should begin very quickly and head off this field in the early stages. And if he can do this he should just hang on to win, based on the way he’s held on, over the longer distance in recently. He has great early toe, which is the way I like my dogs to race, but if he does happen to fail tonight, I’m sure there’s a win, just around the corner for this fellow. Keep following.

Bulli Greyhounds, Race 5, Box 1 Tyronimo 8.27 pm Nsw time

The Mark , trained Tyronimo, looks a great each way chance to salute from the rails box in this. The owner trainer combination has quite a bit of succees at and they look a great chance to continue that trend here tonight. I’m going against a really smart one in Knocka’s Return, here after he was walloped last week. But He certainly meets a much easier line up here tonight and gets his chance to take his record to 6 wins from 7 starts. But from the rails I reckon the Azzopardi fellow can fill a place here, and if the favourite finds trouble he may be the one to collect the winners here. He should begin well and that should see him with clear galloping room early. Eachway bet.

Shepparton Greyhounds. Race 12 Box 1 Oh So Sweet. 10.39 pm vic time

This bitch won very well last week,and I so wanted to tip her but from the outside box. But I just kept coming back to another runner. But the daughter of , raced really well and came away with a deserved victory. It won’t be as hard for her tonight,and from the rails he looks the best bet of the night. Now she’s finally cracked it for a win, I reckon she can continue on her winning way and salute in this. She had the early speed to lead and There’s no doubt she can run the time to win this. Only needs a safe beginning to blow these right away. , gets plenty of winners and Oh So Sweet, should see him add another win to his ever growing tally.

Nice night of racing tonight and I’m sure we have found a coupe of nice chances, for you to have your hard earned on.

Best of Luck

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