Greyhound Racing Tips For Tuesday 29th January 2013

Well the Big Wet has again claimed more meetings. With being called off again last night and also again today.

And Greyhound track is being used as a evacuation center, for flood victims. So their will be no meetings conducted their until the facility becomes available.

Bulli was also called off, however the Centerbet Cyril Rowe , has been postponed to next week. So we will have to wait another week to collect on Proven Maddy!

I’m also led to believe, will also be called off. So they will be not selection there unfortunately.

However there’s still many other meetings across the country today and tonight that haven’t been called off; and many opportunities to find a Winner!

Devonport Greyhounds. Race 10 Box 2 Cointreau Cap. 3.39pm NSW time

Cointreau Cap lines up here and he’s already the winner of 6 races, only one less then the ENTIRE field put together! So surely on that point alone he just has to win. But theirs many other reasons why this bloke should win this. He doesn’t have the fastest PB of this lot YET but he certainly should after today. He’s got plenty of early toe and has run two solid times in his last two starts at Launceston. There just doesn’t appear to be a danger here to him at all. Great bet, but he’ll be short odds.

Gosford Greyhounds. Race 6. Box 4 Little Ed. 8.39pm NSW time

Really high speed chaser, Little Ed is engaged here and is the on top pick for mine. He’s able to set a cracking tempo straight outta the and it’s the only way this bloke races. He needs to lead to win, but he should have no trouble doing that. He’s not a dog that likes to be headed and when he does, he’s generally a sitting duck and usually gets run down; but I can’t see that happening tonight. He has a smart PB of 29.76 here and recently made the Cup final. So class alone should carry him across the line here.

Gawler Greyhounds. Race 6. Box 4 Jet Blast. 2.22pm NSW time

I made the mistake of assuming Jet Blast was engaged in a 531m race last start at , when I made him my selection. And to my horror he was in fact engaged in a 400m race. I knew right away I made a little boo boo. So I’m out to amend that today. He meets the exact same field here again today but this time it’s over the 531m for sure!! Long Gully Bob has drawn the red box and he certainly poses a huge threat here to Jet Blast. Long Gully Bob has a very fast 30.62 here but he’s never won from the red. That largely stems from him detesting to be headed off. As soon as he’s headed off or tightened for room Bob decides to ease right up. And this is the biggest contributing factor to him never saluting from the red. But I can’t see him being headed today. Jet Blast should be able to sit just behind the speedy Busta With Spots and get his crack at Bob down the back and I’m hoping he finishes just that bit better then Long Gully Bob. But make no mistake he has to do everything right!

I’m going to have a go at tipping the F4 here and hopefully this will be the available on the race.
1st- Jet Blast
2nd- Long Gully Bob
3rd- Aunty Chopper
4th- Busta With Spots
Good luck!

Warragul Greyhounds. Race 9. Box 3 Fancy Invader. 9.27pm VIC time

The trained, extremely well bred son of the Legend in , Fancy Invader lines up here for his second start. And theirs no doubt he’ll be able to go quicker then he did first up. He will of taking great benefit from his first start and I’m sure there’s room for improvement in this bloke. He’s going to have his work cut out to beat the other second starter, and first up winner in Banjo Boy.But from the better box he’s my on top selection. Fancy Invader should have no trouble crossing the two inside dogs here. So I’m betting it may be a fight right to the line with Banjo Boy also able to show early speed. The inside box should hopefully be the key ingredient here.

It’s unfortunate the last couple of days have seen the cancelation of a few meetings throughout the land. As I was quietly confident the meetings that were cancelled held a few winners. Theirs still doubt around about whether or not the Albion Park meeting will go ahead on Thursday night. It will all depend on how the weather plays out here in South East Qld. It will be a great loss if we are to loose yet another meeting here in Qld. So here’s to hoping the weather clears up and we can get back to racing here in South East Qld.

My thoughts also go out to all the people having to endure yet again another flood here in Qld. Please try to stay safe and well during this trying time were facing yet again.

Best of Luck.

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