Wentworth Park Greyhounds Tips & Betting Preview Sept 13th 2014

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Race 4: Flaming Frenzy
Race 5: Are Jip
Race 7:

Best Roughie:
Race 8: Dyna Willow

Leg 1: 8 – Leg 2: 1,2 – Leg 3: 6 – Leg 4: 4,5,9 – $6 for 100%


Race No. 1Bowl’s Getting Hitched 2-5 Wins …7:28 PM
NG event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $7,775 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775.


1FANCY TOP115829.90
2COOLABAH JET723229.93Jodie Lord
3KENNY SINGMAN372230.48Barry Lazzarini
4REMEMBER ROSS533829.89Keith Jarvis
5KATIE OI OI234430.17
6TIGGERLONG CHICK313430.13Kevin Keys
7FANTASTIC SID111129.79Jason Fletcher
8GRALIN3121NBTBeau Hedley
9WINGIN’ PRAYER436430.47Ronald Bell
10EAST COAST LOW684730.17Ivan Hanna

Fantastic Sid is an exciting talent who has won five on end in devastating fashion. He has stepped on terms in every start and its dazzling turn of foot which has been his asset in all of those wins. Fancy Top is another highly talented prospect and she has the good draw in her favour. Remember Ross has a speedy 29.89 PB here and with an ounce of luck early he may just cause an upset.

Top Four: 7 – 1 – 4 – 2

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 7/1,2,4/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,7/1,7/Field ($12 for 100%)

Exacta: 1,7/1,2,4,7 ($6 for 100%)

Quinella: 7 to rove with 1,2,4 ($3 for 100%)


Race No. 2Brett Scott’s Last Stand 2-5 Win…7:47 PM
NG event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $7,775 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775.


1MAGIC EARNER172630.06Jodie Lord
2PASSENGER145130.06Larry Procopio
3SWEET LOLLY741130.04Peter Massa
4ZIPPING LAYLA532530.54Leanne Jordan
5ODD SOX627530.59Ronald Bell
6COCKTAIL PARTY341731.25Kayla-jane Coleman
7BIG TEE SAL171830.08Robert Barnden
8JUST LIKE ME442230.23
9SHADY RHINO871430.63David Duncan
10WELL FOUND434730.64Ashley Dwyer

Passenger has won here in the past in a zippy 30.06 and he showed he is somewhere near that kind of form when scoring at Richmond last time in an impressive 22.69. He has early speed to burn and I can see him leading all the way in this event. Magic Earner was handily placed here two runs back and from the red she should get a nice sit on Passenger in the early stages. Sweet Lolly has won her past two starts here in good style, my only concern tonight is that she has a couple of handy ones drawn underneath here and she may not get across early.

Top Four: 2 – 1 – 3 – 4

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Passenger

Trifecta: 1,2,3/1,2,3,4/1,2,3,4,5,7 ($36 for 100%)

Trifecta: 2/1,3,4/Field ($18 for 100%)

Quinella: 2 to rove with 1,3,4 ($3 for 100%)

Exacta: 1,2,3/1,2,3,4 ( $9 for 100%)


Race No. 3Macro Meats Maiden Series F8:10 PM
M event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $11,855 Prizemoney.
1st: $10,000 2nd: $1,235 3rd: $620.


1TALKIN FANCY254130.34Dennis Barnes
2DEVINE RAIDER563130.76Patrick Parrelli
3PEEJAY JACK130.60Amy Bennett
4FANTASTIC SPIRAL22230.09Jason Fletcher
5LAGOON KOOTCHY130.27Raymond Webster
6PAUA EXPLOSION426130.00Steven White
726130.12Peter Honnery
8MEDUSA’S ME MUM129.93Beau Hedley
9TICK AWAY FIRE84230.22Mark Moroney
10ZIPPING SAXON222230.29Jason Mackay

Paua Explosion finally put it altogether with a brilliant 30.00 heat win and surprisingly she is much better drawn tonight in the six box. In her heat she moved right soon after box rise and found some bother but she picked herself up very quickly and then went into overdrive. Fantastic Spiral has showed tremendous early speed in his three runs to date and he should lead them a merry dance again. Medusa’s Me Mum was the quickest heat winner and she is a winning chance again, however she can’t afford to make any mistakes at box rise. Lagoon Kootchy rounds out the winning hopes, he led throughout in his heat and he may prove hard to reel in if he can lead again.

Top Four: 6 – 4 – 8 – 5

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Paua Explosion

Trifecta: 4,6,8/4,5,6,8/1,4,5,6,7,8 ($36 for 100%)

Exacta: 4,6/4,5,6,8 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 6/4,5,8/Field ($18 for 100%)


Race No. 4Robbit’s Bish Bash Bosh Dash 2-5…8:27 PM
NG event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $7,775 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775.


1KISS THE HAWK311330.07Christine Proctor
2ZIPPING WESTON233429.62Anthony
4HURRICANE MAYBE343630.10Brian Barton
5RHINO COLLISION461129.89David Duncan
6MIKE LOWRIE858730.23Frances Harris
7FLAMING FRENZY224629.67Justin King
8LADY LIVINGSTON614530.10Leanne Procopio
9SORRENTO MOON455530.12Ronald Bell
10MIAMI THUNDER447430.41Leonard Studders

Flaming Frenzy has had no luck in her two runs from a long spell and tonight she should appreciate the enormous drop in class. In her two runs she has showed smart early speed before copping a sever knock at the first turn, with a good getaway tonight she should have enough speed to cross and she will be off and gone with the prize. Zipping Weston has a massive engine and with a clear run in the first 50m he will make a major impact. He can bomb the start at times but he does muster speed very quickly.

Top Four: 7 – 2 – 4 – 1

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Flaming Frenzy

Trifecta: 7/1,2,4/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 2,7/2,7/Field ($12 for 100%)

Quinella: 7 to rove with 1,2,4 ($3 for 100%)


Race No. 5Damian Woodards Spectacular 2-5 …8:50 PM
NG event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $7,775 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775.


1ZIPPING MOLLY243330.05Patricia Chaker
2KURMOND GODDESS673230.30Christine Proctor
3TAUTOLOGY327129.68Steven White
4GLOWING OPAL433730.33Wendy Brown
5BUNDY BEAR311530.05Mark Davidson
6MARIA’S IMPACT434329.85Luke Azzopardi
7IGNITE FOUR US143730.12Paul Grech
8ARE JIP114229.48Kristy Sultana
9SWEET ODESSA368230.53Natasha Benhard
10SORRENTO MOON455530.12Ronald Bell

Are Jip is a speed demon and he appears perfectly drawn in the pink. Three starts ago he posted a ridiculous 29.48 win here and a repeat of that run would see him win with ease tonight. He can be a tad hit or miss at box rise but he will get plenty of room to muster speed. Maria’s Impact should have enough speed to cross and lead and she was far from disgraced in her last start placing here. Tautology beat a gun field in 29.68 here last week, the only concern is the poor draw as he normally needs a bit of room in the early stages.

Top Four: 8 – 6 – 3 – 1

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Are Jip

Trifecta: 8/1,3,6/Field ($18 for 100%)

Exacta: 6,8/1,3,6,8 ($6 for 100%)

Quinella: 8 to rove with 1,3,6 ($3 for 100%)


Race No. 6Alan Pendleton Stakes9:15 PM
FFA event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $7,775 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775.


1BESSY BOO435429.71Christine Proctor
2QUEEN ESTHER841329.64Noelene Holloway
3TAKE IT ALL431429.75Doreen Drynan
4RITZA RAIDER413529.79Mark Gatt
5AVONDALE CHARM461429.68Ronald Bell
6HERSI262529.75Peter Lagogiane
7ALAN’S KIDZ111330.05Robert Barnden
8TAINTED LUKE546829.95Jennifer Brown

Bessy Boo has been desperately unlucky in recent months and tonight he should be able to atone from his favourite draw. He is normally slow to begin but from the red he should settle a little closer to the pace and he is likely to run over the top of them in the home straight. Queen Esther should pounce on the bunny and lead for a long way, with a wide runner drawn on her outside there should be no excuses for her tonight. Take It All is poorly drawn in the three but he should be charging home into a place at the end.

Top Four: 1 – 2 – 3 – 6

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 1/2,3,6/Field ($18 for 100%)

Exacta: 1,2/1,2,3,6 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,2/1,2/Field ($12 for 100%)


Race No. 7Aaa Radiator Specialists Stakes9:35 PM
4/5 event over 720 metres at Wentworth park Of $7,325 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,110 2nd: $1,485 3rd: $730.


1AVONDALE MAURICK123742.34Ronald Bell
2JOANE232142.64Christine Proctor
3MISS FICTION365642.55Ivan Hanna
4CLAN ANNIE236242.44Alex Anderson
6SPACE STAR111341.84Dawn Garrett
7QUEEN MARINA183542.28Noelene Holloway
8YELLOW FEVER264742.45Ronald Bell

Space Star scored a dazzling 41.84 win here two runs back and he should make light work of this field. He can bomb the start in his races but with an empty draw underneath he should get more than enough room to muster speed. Avondale Maurick has a good record from inside draws and he should settle in the top two early, I dont think he can match the favourite but he shouldn’t be too far away. Miss Fiction will trail them in the early stages but she has a solid record here and I can see her running home into the minor money.

Top Four: 6 – 1 – 3 – 4

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 6/1,3,4/Field ($15 for 100%)

Exacta: 1,6/1,3,4,6 ($6 for 100%)

Quinella: 6 to rove with 1,3,4 ($3 for 100%)


Race No. 8Chairmans Cup F9:57 PM
NG event over 720 metres at Wentworth park Of $34,375 Prizemoney.
1st: $25,000 2nd: $6,250 3rd: $3,125.


1BAILEY ROSE122342.33Eddie Lieshout
2MY ASUNCION618442.28
3ZIPPING MAGGIE111142.00Peter Dapiran
4SWEET IT IS121241.78Darren Mcdonald
5XYLIA ALLEN121141.53Jenny Hunt
6ZIPPING RORY734442.41Bethany Dapiran
7LIARA ALLEN332342.61Steven Collins
8GOLD AFFAIR TWO262242.14Robert Britton
9DYNA WILLOW876541.69Steven Collins
10QUEEN MARINA183542.28Noelene Holloway

Superstar chaser Xylia Allen caught the eye with an impressive 41.76 heat win and with a clear run early again she should get the cash. She is the current track record holder over this journey and she tends to begin a lot better from middle to wide draws. Sweet It Is looms as the obvious danger, she is a freakish stayer who recently beat Xylia Allen in the Staying Championship, I think she may get a little too far back thought tonight so the quinella spot looks best. Dyna Willow is the former track record holder here and she is much better than her recent form suggests. She gets a start from the seven draw and I think she can run a bottler at odds.

Top Four: 5 – 4 – 9 – 3

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Xylia Allen

Trifecta: 5/3,4,9/Field ($18 for 100%)

Exacta: 4,5/3,4,5,9 ($6 for 100%)

Quinella: 5 to rove with 3,4,9 ($3 for 100%)

Trifecta: 4,5/4,5/3,9 ($4 for 100%)


Race No. 9Rapidvite Stakes10:17 PM
4/5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,670 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,650 2nd: $1,350 3rd: $670.


1COSMIC ANGEL133129.99
2ADDISON ROAD345129.98Mark Gatt
3LONGNECK163730.11Christine Proctor
4LUCY LIPS721529.99Susan Smith
5FIRE ELUSIVE182429.83Mark Moroney
6EDGE433529.68Graeme Barnett
7SWAN’S MAVIS276329.92Dean Swain
8SILENT EFFECTIVE441129.54Darren Sultana
9HERE’S SKEETA417830.16Ronald Alcock
10CAN OF118529.47Beau Hedley

Silent Effective is the real deal and it’s hard to see him getting beat after he scored here last week in a blistering 29.60. Last week he came from off the speed to win and the scary thing is that I think he can actually lead from the pink tonight. Cosmic Angel is super consistent and he showed a great turn of foot in his recent 29.99 win here, he should use his rails draw to advantage and if the favourite finds trouble he should capitalise. Addison Road returned to form last week and with some luck initially she should be thereabouts.

Top Four: 8 – 1 – 2 – 3

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 8/1,2,3/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 8/1,2,3/1,2,3 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 8/1/Field ($6 for 100%)

Exacta: 8/1,2,3 ($3 for 100%)


Race No. 10Www.wentworthpark.com.au Stakes10:37 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,205 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,350 2nd: $1,235 3rd: $620.


1SWEET ODESSA368230.53Natasha Benhard
2SHERLOCK885530.11Ronald Alcock
3ALL TOO FANCY611129.81Dennis Barnes
4MIAMI THUNDER447430.41Leonard Studders
5KITCHENER RUM622630.37Michael Gatt
6STEADFAST COSMO111229.95Lorraine Perrin
7ZELL BALE827330.19Steven Collins
8JEDD TOKAAM421230.23Helen Pullman
9HECTOR KAHN253629.88Dean Swain

All Too Fancy has won three in a row with the latest being here in a slick 29.81. In all three wins she has been good to begin and has assumed control soon after the start, a similar getaway tonight she see her lead throughout again. Zell Bale is ideally drawn out wide and he has been placed in his three tries here. Steadfast Cosmo was far from disgraced in his handy placing here last week and he should be in the mix for a long way.

Top Four: 3 – 7 – 6 – 8

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on All Too Fancy

Trifecta: 3/6,7,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 3/6,7,8/6,7,8 ($6 for 100%)

Quinella: 3 to rove with 6,7,8 ($3 for 100%)

Exacta: 3,7/3,6,7,8 ($6 for 100%)

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