Brisbane Cup & Gold Cup get $40,000 boosts under RQ prize money scheme

QLD greyhound racing

has to day announced how they intend to distribute the $3.5 Million prize money increase touted earlier this week.

The top end of town and interstate raiders will be $350,000 better off with $40,000 increases for the and .

The Series get a questionable $50,000 increase, while the Capalaba Cup gets a $30,000 boost to gain Group 3 racing status, and a new event called the Master Series gets $25,000 allocated.

There will be $100,000 spent on a Queensland bred series of races to be run at all tracks, $22,500 for the and ; and $20,000 for a Straight Of Origin race.

General will see $2 Million of the increases with a $1,000 boost for a Class 1 races, $500 for lesser classes over non short distances, and just $250 for short course races. Non TAB races get a $100 gain on existing levels.

Fourth placed prize money will be introduced costing $750,000, and appearance fee money will get the remaining $400,000 thrown at it taking it to $50 per runner.

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