Clarification: GWIC response to Suli statements on cobalt testing

Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission

The NSW & Commission () has clarified a statement made in an Australian Racing Greyhound article published on July 27, 2022.

The article contains the following:

Suli said the Greyhound  Integrity Commission (GWIC) in NSW has carried out its own testing on greyhounds after consuming Winning Edge product, and he was alarmed with the results.

“GWIC  did their own personal testing. And it was proven that after feeding the dogs twice a day, they got readings of up over 500,” he said.

“Their own stewards have proven this.”

GWIC has clarified the above with a statement below.

“The Commission has never undertaken any testing or study regarding levels in greyhounds consuming Winning Edge kibble at any time since the Commission’s establishment in 2017 as outlined.”

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13 days ago

there should be no rules on cobalt it does not make a dog any faster or slower there just out there to put people out of the game its a joke