Double agent spills beans on Animals Australia greyhound sting

A ROGUE Animals Australia operative, who is a trainer in Victoria, has shed light on the circumstances surrounding the Lara raids last week.

At a property just outside of Geelong, owned by a member of controversial former trainer Graeme Bate’s family, Blake Shillington and Thomas Mitchell felt the full force of an alleged Animals Australia’s covert surveillance operation.

Charlie Wilson, who has enjoyed moderate success as a trainer, said he has been working hand-in-hand with with the head of Animals Australia Lyn White.

Wilson claims the alleged Animals Australia sting, was carried out at trainers of Melbourne Cup dogs, in a bid to create maximum exposure, by implicating a leading trainer with vision obtained on T185 spy cameras. At the Shillington-Mitchell property alone he said there was 14 cameras installed with regular battery changes happening at around midnight each night.

“It was a very sophisticated operation and we were there to chase drug cheats — drug cheats who have never been targeted,” he said.

“I was never paid, but I was asked to go in and capture world-first footage of greyhounds being doped.”

Wilson claims he joined forces with Animals Australia after becoming concerned about drugs in greyhound racing. He says the practice is rife and Animals Australia has proof. He said “close to 40” properties in Victoria were targeted in the sting with several of the trainers, who Australian Racing Greyhound has chosen not to name, having won group races on the biggest stage.

The Lara raid is just the tip of the iceberg with Wilson revealing Animals Australia planned to team up with the ABC to release an expose on drugs in greyhound racing in early 2017. It has the potential to reverberate through the sport nationally, and would again throw doubt on whether NSW Premier Mike Baird will repeal legislation banning the sport in his state.

An Animals Australia spokesperson confirmed they were the source which tipped off Greyhound Racing Victoria about the alleged illegal activities at the Lara property.

The spokesperson said it was disappointing Wilson had decided to turn whistleblower, after openly speaking to them about his own misdemeanours in greyhound racing. The spokesperson failed to give confirmation about how they obtained vision from Shillington and Mitchell’s property which was supplied to GRV.

“Charlie Wilson indicated a willingness to be interviewed by the media and speak to his own drugging of greyhounds that was never detected, as well as to the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs in greyhound racing,” they said.

“Animals Australia forwarded evidence relating to alleged drugging offences at a Lara property to Greyhound Racing Victoria for investigation, with appropriate information and vision to support their investigation. It is disappointing therefore to witness the person who was actively encouraging Animals Australia to investigate drugging in the greyhound industry, now engaging in a public vendetta.”

Australian Racing Greyhound has seen correspondence between Wilson and someone using the alias Blue Wren, with Wilson claiming it is White. He alleges White co-ordinated the plan to bring down greyhound racing in the state and confirmed a leading owner was one of the main figures in the cross hairs of Animals Australia.

“She knew that I was a trainer. She also knew that I had dogs in the industry, she also knew that I was still in the industry,” he said.

“She was even willing to pay for me at one stage to continue to train and to maintain my dogs so I could obtain covert footage of the industry for her.

“Lyn White’s main goal was to shut greyhound racing down forever.”

GRV integrity boss Shane Gillard refused to confirm an alleged meeting investigator Charlie Bezzina had with Wilson on Friday, but did say there was an ongoing investigation into the events surrounding the Lara raid. He said the anonymous hotline, set up to combat illegal behaviour in the sport, had been running hot since the news broke.

“We have a lot of information passed onto us all the time,” he said.

“The information we received about the Lara raid was given to us anonymously and then we acted on it.”

Wilson admitted he faced legal problems by revealing his own involvement with Animals Australia, but said he felt obliged to come forward in an attempt to help the battle-scarred industry survive and move forward. Wilson openly admits to trespassing on behalf of Animals Australia with several Victorian trainers confirming they have had run-ins with operatives, or found equipment relating to surveillance on their properties. One trainer, who did not want to be named, said they are exploring legal avenues.

“We have enough information to shut Animals Australia down – they act corruptly,” Wilson said.

“I have that many emails… that implicate Lyn White as the orchestrator – she is the chief Indian and we refer to her and she would give the green light to go to these properties and do things.”

Wilson has a chequered history in greyhound racing with his initial beef with the industry stemming from two dogs he bought off a NSW trainer, which failed to show the same ability under his guidance, before one eventually died and the other retired. He claims the dogs must have been doped before they arrived at his kennel.

“Information provided to Animals Australia by Charlie Wilson alleged the wide-spread use of performance enhancing drugs in the greyhound racing industry, most of which remains undetected by regulators,” The Animals Australia spokesperson said.

“The use of such drugs, not only has significant animal welfare impacts, but would result in extensive race fixing.

“[Wilson] used performance enhancing EPO consistently in the greyhounds he trained. He actively encouraged Animals Australia to investigate this matter stating he had become disenchanted with the industry over a dispute with a [fellow trainer] over dogs he had bought from him, one of which had died.

“We look forward to working constructively with GRV to clean up the industry.”

Australian Racing Greyhound can confirm a top trainer recovered surveillance equipment from their property on Sunday, with GRV integrity officers and police expected to be informed imminently.

Past Discussion

  1. Don’t trust Wilson, only spoke up when he could not get his footage back. Animals Australia? he had to be kidding, bit like GAG, brought in the Greens. And that is where it all began.

  2. Todman  yes correct,but it now seems that 2 mates have turned on each other,blaming each other for what is occurring.

    these two men are a blot on the society of the industry,and if one follows comments on forums*(aussie greyhound forum)one has to ask why is this allowed to continue.this is not a joke now,this is a serious allegation that began as a ‘get back’ at some in the industry,including the GRV and others,but has back fired because two egos ran into each other. I am sickened by what I read. yes read,they are pasting comments and challenges at each other llike two spoilt brats,but its damaging our industry and giving ammunition to AA and state governments.

    I have had enough of them both,and I hear death threats have surfaced. why blow me,and they did not expect that?

    the dog industry is out of control,and this type of carrying on is digging a deeper hole. I alerted this site what was going on,and now it has escalated to the point of no return.

    shut the hell up the both of you,and allow the right people to sort through this.take your bitch sessions elsewhere,as you are as bad as the cheats. damn foolish men acting like 5yo.

  3. GeoffWilson  second informant claims there are no films owned by CW!!!!

    the bitch slapping going on by 2 grown men is kids stuff.such imbeciles,but both will now being facing possible charges.

    CW admitted doping his dog after just buying it.then admitted this to GRV integrity unit….what the ….. so there alone is a stupid mistake,and if he thinks the GRV integrity unit wont take him down,he has another thing coming.

    its got out of hand now,and is bordering on shameful.

    as long as though allegedly caught using drugs go down and get dealt with,the reat of us have no problems. it happened in the thoroughbred industry with COBALT charges,and its still operating…one would need to be very careful,including BAIRD,to using this stuff as another reason to shut the industry down.

    I am beginning to wonder whether a full commission is now needed to sort out the politicians and his wifes connection to paying AA cash,and did BAIRD have whiff a story was going to be produced in FEB 2017,AS HIS SISTER IS ABC TAINTED,IS SHE NOT?

    of course the truth will never be disclosed as the whole place is corrupted.

  4. spyman Todman Spot on ,I have no time for people who blame others for their  own FAILURES and whats happen down there is a fine example  of  a small percentage of cheats still floating in the industry.Its up to the authorities to deal with these drug cheats, its just like what happens in other sports and racing you always have those who what to beat the system and the industry should not be judged on that by the action of these GRUBS who only are looking after their self interest not whats the best for industry. As your say, those who think they are Judge and Jury should  take a walk !

  5. Same bloke who has threatened to kill at least 4 people and their families in the last 2 months. And that is just the ones I know of. Who knows how many others he has threatened to kill. This bloke has massive problems. Hopefully the truth will come out regarding this idiot.

  6. It”s hard to believe that people within the industry would stoop so low ,sure we don’t want drug cheats in our industry but to sneak in illegally onto private properties and place camera is absolutely the lowest of the lowest of acts.I hope they throw the book at this guy and anyone caught using drugs should be automatically banned for life.

  7. BillDeguara  not as low BILL,as our own kind fraternising with the enemy and spilling there guts to also contribute on bringing the industry down.

    whispers are rife of knowns in NSW being as big a factor as CW or KW,so VIC is not the only state suffering diverse fraternisation from within.what have we come to when we eat our own.

  8. Talking about the MENTAL STATE of some who support the Greyhound  Industry in the Social Media Area  by supporting the Animal Justice Party and promoting them for us to join their party ! This is the same party who wants to shut down the Greyhound Industry here in Australia . That site and its administrators make me sick  with their propagander  in respect to giving them any air and the Greyhound industry should wipe their site like a dirty ar*e

  9. Todman Lynn and Peter , Where are you, two of your loonies have just been caught by police in Nimbin and have been charged with Animal cruelty and Bestiality and appeared in Lismore court yesterday. I cannot believe these people from AA support this  type of behavior, and should be, as  you say closed down ! its about making money from the vulnerable nothing else. (The GD forum must be struggling for funds allowing a political party who’s out to shut down the Greyhound industry  advertise  for members to join the AJP,  on their website it makes one feel sick in the guts to make us believe  the GD is supporting the Greyhound  Industry. No its about making money and we all should  be giving them no air or our money  ITS TIME TO PULL THE PLUG )as they say we support those who support us!