Lyn White

Wilson admits EPO doping, claims GRV officials failed to act

A GREYHOUND trainer at the centre of the Lara raids has explained his motives for teaming up with Animals Australia to expose alleged widespread drug...

Double agent spills beans on Animals Australia greyhound sting

A ROGUE Animals Australia operative, who is a trainer in Victoria, has shed light on the circumstances surrounding the Lara raids last week. At a...

Greyhound exports under spotlight in ABC’s 7.30 report

GREYHOUND Racing has once again come under fire by the ABC and Animals Australia after an apparent six month investigation into the alleged exportation of...

Live-baiting saga update: Tom Noble to fight cruelty charges

TOM Noble, the Queensland greyhound trainer at the centre of the live-baiting saga, will fight the charges of alleged animal cruelty he is up against....

Amanda Hill stands by her decision to speak out on Four Corners

FORMER steward Amanda Hill is standing by her words despite backlash following her appearance on last Monday's controversial Four Corners program focusing on live baiting....

ABC live-baiting investigation draws blood

“This is the vision the greyhound racing doesn't want you to see.” Powerful opening words backed up by a horrific image of a terrified live...

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