El Galo Positive Swab Inquiry Deferred At Thompson’s Request

On Wednesday November 12th 2008, Greyhound (GRV) announced that it had been notified by Racing Analytical Services Limited (RASL) that analysis of the preliminary urine sample taken from the greyhound following its win in Race 8 (the ) held at on 25th October 2008 indicated the presence of the drug N-Butylhyoscine.

In this regard, on Wednesday December 17th 2008 GRV further announced that the reserve or (B) sample of urine taken from “EL GALO” had reaffirmed the presence of the drug N-Butylhyoscine.

Subsequently, an into the circumstances surrounding this finding was set for Tuesday January 20th 2009

On Wednesday January 14th 2009, lawyers acting on behalf of Mr. , trainer of El Galo requested a four-week deferment of the scheduled proceedings to “have further tests conducted on the protocols and composition of the substance alleged to be contained in the ”.

GRV has granted the deferment. The Inquiry will now be held on Tuesday February 17, 2009.

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pete passfield
pete passfield
13 years ago

Just a question are grv rules different to ghrra nsw?. How can el galo still race after b sample came back positive in nsw as soon as b sample is positive dog and trainer are immediately stood down. My bitch sat out for 11 weeks while i fought a positive for 1,1 billionth of a gram of a minor laurabolin metabolite.


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