GRNSW board member Michael Eberand resigns by Facebook

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Embattled board member Michael Eberand has taken to Facebook to announce his resignation from the GRNSW Board in the wake of the Wandering Mija export investigation.

Eberand was among four charged over the of Wandering Mija to Dubai. Contrary to many reports, it is not illegal to export greyhounds to Dubai and the investigation is believed to be focussed on not having the correct industry paperwork done prior to export.

Eberand’s statement highlights the fact the greyhound is in fact owned by the Royal Family, the one and same that are to Darley thoroughbred stud, Godolphin thoroughbred racing empire and major investors in Australian .

Oddly none of the political opportunists and left leaning media have named the current owners of Wandering Mija whilst trying to infer injustices may be taking place.

GRNSW too has been strangely silent on the issue, not offering any statement on either of its two websites in relation to the investigation. It is somewhat appropriate then that Eberand needed to take to Facebook to announce he was stepping done from the role.

Public Statement 10 May 2018 ­
Michael Eberand
Board position ­ GRNSW Greyhound Racing.

The various media reporting over the last week has been very traumatic for myself and my family. Those that know us, know the passion and care we have for our greyhounds.

I have done my very best to be honest and transparent at all times. After seeking a full legal review, I have denied all the allegations raised. While it is probable that it will be very uneconomic and costly to do so, Bradley and I will be defending the charges that have been raised for breaching the rules of racing.

Yesterday, I responded to the Minister, in detail. I also offered to stand down pending the findings of the GRNSW charges. After overnight consideration, I have today provided my full resignation, as regardless of the outcome(s), I no longer wish to continue in the role.

I would like to publicly thank the Minister for my initial appointment to the GRNSW Board, and its Chair The Hon. . It was a role I accepted with pride. During this time, I have very passionately sought to progress reform, and for greyhound racing to grow its socio economic, recreational, and regional contributions to NSW, with world leading animal standards. I hope to see GRNSW progress vigorous investment in Greyhounds As Pets, new safe tracks (designed with Professor Eager from UTS), club governance reform, teaching the public about our greyt breed, encouraging more people to participate, growing income, and lifting prize­money to competitive levels. Along the way, I have sought and encouraged accountability and transparency at all levels. And I have sought to assist avoid unintended consequences of the changing rules and policy framework.

In respect to James the greyhound (also known as Wandering Mija), it would seem a function of politicalization, that there has been very little enquiry as to his actual welfare. I would like to thank those that have helped confirm that James is safe and well, under the ownership of the royal family in Dubai.

I urge everyone within the industry to continue on and support the reform journey. I would like to thank our friends for their support, and for those that have not been quick to judge.

Due to the legal risks arising, I am advised not to make any further comment on this matter.

Michael Eberand

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