Liebeck Outed For 12 Months

today concluded an into a report from Principal Investigator Mr P. O'Reilly involving Public Trainer Mr G. Liebeck.

Evidence was taken from a City of Fremantle Shire Ranger, RWWA Principal Investigator Mr P. O'Reilly and RWWA Racing Industry Veterinarian Mr P. Symons.

Public Trainer Mr G. Liebeck pleaded guilty to the following charges:

  • 1 Under Greyhound Rule 84(2) for being in possession of a prescription drug (penicillin) which was not prescribed by a Veterinary .
  • 2 Under Greyhound Rule 86(d) for providing misleading information to the RWWA Investigator.
  • 3 Under Greyhound Rule 86(e) for refusing to give evidence when requested by the Stewards.
  • 4 Under Greyhound Rule 86(q) for conduct detrimental to the image of Greyhound racing.
  • 5 Further, Mr G. Liebeck was found guilty under Greyhound local rule 86B 1 (A) for using live animals for the purpose of exciting greyhounds in training.

In relation to penalty Stewards took into account the following:

  • The seriousness of the offences
  • Mr Liebeck's guilty plea to four of the charges
  • Mr Liebeck's disciplinary record
  • The damage done to the image of Greyhound racing

After consideration Mr Liebeck was subject to the following penalties:

  • 1 A fine of $100.
  • 2 A fine of $500.
  • 3 Disqualification of twelve (12) months
  • 4 Disqualification of six (6) months
  • 5 Disqualification of twelve (12) months

Stewards further ruled that the three terms of disqualification be served concurrently.

Effectively Mr Liebeck is disqualified for a period of twelve (12) months effective immediately.

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