Moree Greyhound Racing Club Suspended…..Again

Just day after Forbes greyhound racing club was closed, Greyhound () has advised the Greyhound Racing Club that its registration has been suspended until 31 December 2012.

The has a long history of having is registration to run greyhound races suspended as far back as 2009, and more recently the track failed to have a suspension of racing lifted in February 2012 when two other clubs cleared hurdles to racing.

The Board of GRNSW issued the suspension after it determined that the had not met the requirements of the Operating Standards, which is a condition of registration for every NSW
greyhound club. GRNSW Chief Executive said the Moree club had a history of non- with the Operating Standards.

“GRNSW regard the Operating Standards as a vital component of race club because they ensure adequate levels of service, efficiency, solvency, safety and accountability,” Mr Hogan said.

“When Moree Greyhound Racing Club was granted its registration in March this year it was on the condition that the club strictly complied with all 16 Operating Standards.

“The Moree club has once again failed to meet this condition. Due to this non-compliance, as well as the club's history, the Board was left with no other option but to suspend its registration until the end of the year.”

Race meetings drawn for this weekend will proceed, however, the decision means that the club will not be permitted to conduct races or trials from Tuesday, 2 October 2012.

The Moree club will be required to submit a new registration application demonstrating their compliance with all 16 Operating Standards in December before being considered for reregistration.

This is a requirement of all NSW greyhound racing clubs.

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