NSW greyhound racing joins Victoria in locking public out of races

Nsw greyhound racing

NSW greyhound racing and commercial arms have today announced that no members of the public will be allowed at any greyhound race meeting.

The announcement comes just hours after Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) moved to shut the public out from Victorian greyhound race meetings.

no members of the public will be permitted to attend greyhound races for the future”.

“Given the current situation regarding and the health advice provided by both the state and federal governments, both organisations have determined that it is in the public's best interest, and also of staff and participants, to prohibit spectators from attending race meetings until further notice.”

“Racing at all locations will continue as normal with only trainers, handlers, race officials and staff permitted to attend race meetings, however anyone in these roles who is feeling unwell or may have been exposed to COVID-19 must avoid the track and isolate themselves according to NSW Health advice.”

The joint statement went on to say that “in order for racing to continue in the current environment, staff and race officials will be provided with as much protection as possible to allow them to perform their duties”. No further details were provided as to how that would be facilitated or what that would look like.

Participants were put on notice that “anyone attending a race meeting must strictly observe all directions and protocols at all times”.

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