NSW greyhound racing returns to 2 wave boxing model today

NSW greyhound racing

Greyhound () and the Greyhound Welfare & Commission () have announced that as from today (Monday 13th July 2020) the greyhound boxing sequence for the start of all races across NSW will return to the “normal” two wave model.

The traditional two wave greyhound box model consists of boxing the greyhounds in two lines starting with the first line of all odd numbers and the second line of all even numbers.

The four wave greyhound boxing model has been in use in almost all states since the pandemic hit Australia in March 2020.

The four wave model has had some dramatic effects on the winning box statistics at many tracks, especially box one which has fallen from winning 20% of races to as low as just 7% at some tracks.

GWIC say that “this decision has been made after a review of the strict biosecurity protocols implemented four months ago. The biosecurity protocols were introduced to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak and to ensure that greyhound racing could continue in a safe environment”.

GWIC advise that biosecurity protocols will continue to be implemented at all tracks. This includes taking the temperature of everyone entering all racecourses.

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