NSW Integrity Commission Cautions Trainers On Interstate Transit Options

NSW greyhound racing

The NSW Greyhound Welfare & Commission () have registered their concern on the increase in “pop up” animal businesses offering greyhound services on social .

Though the pandemic, the transportation of greyhounds across state lines has become problematic, and GWIC have identified a number of animal transporters which have used social media as a marketing platform to acquire greyhound business.

While GWIC admit that the transportation of greyhounds is not regulated, they maintain that “it's important for transporters to know that registered greyhounds remain subject to welfare standards set out by the Commission at all times”.

GWIC has cautioned registered greyhound owners and trainers to make informed choices on the transport of greyhounds (puppies, racing stock or brood bitches) at this time to ensure their greyhounds are in safe, experienced hands.

According to a GWIC spokesperson “the new entities transport all breeds of canines, advertise the capacity to handle poultry, mammals (rabbits, for example), reptiles and many bird classifications. New entities can also have changing schedules and drivers may not have experience transporting livestock”.

Participants should make enquiries when using a transport company they are not familiar with to ensure the welfare needs of their greyhounds will be met.

GWIC remind participants there are a number of long-standing road courier services which are greyhound specific and cover many routes into Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

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