GRNSW Relents On NCA’s The Gardens Deregistration Threat

The Board of Greyhound () has renewed the registration of for a period of two months after requesting further information from the Association (NCA).

In renewing the registration of 32 NSW greyhound racing clubs from 1 January 2013 to 30 June 2013, the Board resolved to renew the registration of the NCA for a shorter period pending a response from the NCA Board to the enquiries of GRNSW.

The Board of GRNSW, in renewing the registration of The Gardens for two months, expressed serious concerns about the governance arrangements at The Gardens, particularly with the financial reporting systems and controls in place at the NCA.

The Board also reiterated its position that the NCA reconsider its decision to retain the club’s General Manager, who the NCA has publicly stated was involved in the misappropriation of the club’s funds.

The registration status of the NCA will be reviewed again at the Board’s meeting on 30 January 2013.

In addition, the Board of GRNSW did not renew the registration of the Greyhound Racing Club for 2013. The has been suspended since October 2012 due to the club’s long history of non- compliance with the Operating Standards dating back to January 2009.

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