New draft NSW greyhound welfare code of practice

Industry Update

The has announced the release of a draft Greyhound Welfare Code of Practice which is now open for public consultation.

The Greyhound Industry Panels main object within the new was to drive long term improvements in animal welfare in the NSW greyhound racing industry.

The draft Code has been developed by the Commission with the assistance of a number of stakeholders including the Greyhound Welfare Committee which comprises representatives from industry, , Department of Primary Industries, and the veterinary profession.

The draft Code has also been developed with reference to existing Codes of Practice in both NSW and other jurisdictions and once finalised, will establish a single set of standards that will improve animal welfare in the NSW greyhound racing industry.

The draft Code includes minimum standards for the care of greyhounds, from through to retirement.

“Whilst many participants are already meeting and indeed exceeding many of the standards in the draft Code, the Code will provide a clear and consistent set of standards through which all participants must meet going forward,” Ms Lind said.

The draft Code will be available for public consultation on the Commission’s website and the Have Your Say website from 16 January through to 31 March 2020.

The Commission will also be visiting greyhound racing clubs to consult directly with participants.

“I encourage participants and other stakeholders to read the draft Code and provide their feedback so that we can refine the draft Code where necessary as we continue to work towards securing a prosperous greyhound racing industry in NSW with welfare and at its focus.”

Once finalised the Commission will work with participants to help them meet the requirements of the Code.

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