The fight for a fair distribution of TAB revenue is not new

Those of us with a lengthy history in greyhound racing know the battle to receive a fair cut of the revenue, split among the three codes in New South Wales, is not a new one.

Today we take a look at an article published in the National Greyhound News, in June of 1979. It showcases the historical struggle greyhound racing has faced in the state.

Without a doubt our campaign for a fair share contributed to the ban and subsequent re-instatement of greyhound racing in NSW, and remains one of the biggest issues confronting the sport in 2016 and beyond.

The recent “tax parity” agreements disproportionately favoured Racing NSW and thoroughbred racing at the expense of the greyhound industry. It also laid the platform for Racing NSW to announce massive increases in prize money with their obscene splurge surrounding The Championships carnival.

Contrastingly, greyhound racing is still yet to receive a single cent of the “tax parity” reforms; and the code has been battling for air amidst a sea of attacks from “bleeding heart lefties”, Mike Baird’s Liberal government, Troy Grants disastrous National party, and from the unrepresentative swill that is the Animal Justice Party’s representative in the NSW Upper House.

Below is a news article from the year 1979. It shows just how long greyhound folk have been fighting against the odds. We suspect the fight has been going for much longer than the 37 years since the publication of this article.

NSW Greyhound Racing Board submission to Govt for fair TAB distributions

The NSW Greyhound Racing Control Board and the Trotting Authority of NSW have made a joint submission to the State Government, seeking an amendment to the Totalizator Agency Board’s Scheme of Distribution, so as to provide a fairer and more equitable share of the “Interstate Pool”.

It is understood that the submission has been referred to the Totalizator Agency Board and is presently under consideration by that body.

The proposals contained in the submission, if adopted, would effectively alleviate the disparities which at present exist in greyhound, trotting and galloping industries in regards to prizemoney and the provision of facilities .

The practice of distributing TAB surpluses derived from interstate meetings on the basis of the respective off-course turn overs for galloping, trotting and greyhound racing, weighs greatly in favour of the galloping interests and consequently is very much to the detriment of the greyhound and trotting industries.

Racing clubs in this State make no financial contribution towards meetings covered by the Totalizator Agency Board outside of NSW yet the bulk of surpluses derived from such betting is allocated to galloping clubs, purely because they represent the particular type of racing on which the TAB provides greatest coverage outside of NSW.

As a result. since 1973/74, and not including those major increases recently announced by the Australian Jockey Club and the Sydney Turf Club, the galloping clubs have been in the fortunate position of being able to increase prizemoney by an overall 65 percent. This compares to increases of only 45 percent and 17 percent in respect of trotting and greyhound clubs respectively.

In fact in 1977/78 greyhound racing clubs found it necessary to reduce prizemoney by just on 3 percent over that provided in 1976/77.

Moreover, trotting and greyhound racing clubs, in order to maintain what might be considered minimum returns to participants in their industries, have found it necessary on an the average over the past three years to provide approximately 31 per cent and 19 percent respectively of prizemoney paid from sources other than TAB distributions. In contrast galloping clubs, notwithstanding their ability to substantially increase prizemoney over the years, have only found it necessary to supplement their prizemoney commitment from sources over and above TAB monies by an average of approximately 7 percent each year.

Mr Ken Brown, Chairman of the Greyhound Racing Control Board; stated that the submission was based on fair and realistic terms and that hopefully it would receive favourable consideration.

“The proposals of the two authorities, whilst looking to protect and enhance the interests of both the participants and the public which support greyhound racing and trotting, would at the same time not severely affect the galloping industry. In fact, the proposals provide for a rational growth and expansion of all three forms of racing.”

Past Discussion

  1. MickThompson It’s our own fault Mick, we (our reps) signed off on the agreement.  The thoroughbred bosses grabbed it with both hands, they were thoroughly opportunistic, albeit scurrilously, without conscience, and indecently opportunistic.  I liken them to used car salesmen who’s object is to steal their customers trade in when they buy a new car.  The more you object the more they will gloat.

    But lets not blame the gallops, it’s our own problem, only 70 or 80 years to go.

  2. lone widow MickThompson  true as. one question I ask,is why cannot the rule be challenged and changed? BAIRD and co. say it is legally binding and a stated and agreed agreement. yet BAIRD has no problems swiping existing rules across all sections of his state for the so called betterment of the people. it appears ,politicians will do whatever necessary if it suits them and their agenda. if it does not,scrap into the to hard basket.weak as pee I say,and a legal challenge should be attempted to rectify this bias and corrupted decision,or AGREEMENT as they like to call it. its just a piece of paper with words….BAIRD likes to rip thse sorts of pieces of paper up.when it suits him.challenge them in courts. you don’t try you never will ever know.

  3. spyman lone widow MickThompson 

    I’m no politician but our only hope as i see it is if Luke Foley wins the next election with a majority in both houses, then things may change.

    If Mike Baird is smart and wants to ensure at least some votes for the coalition then he might steal Luke Foleys thunder and change it sooner rather than later.( fat chance)

  4. lone widow spyman MickThompson  FAT CHANCE is apt wording Lone widow.i guarantee you one thing,the majority of greyhound people have become more in sync with politics and its diversions ,more now than ever. I certainly have discovered many new avenues into the sanctum of politics,and I do not like what I have learned either.

    for one thing,and I am really annoyed on it,because it could have been a block right at the start of BAIRD rushing his bill through so quickly,is why the Governor General assented(a nice word for ticking off)when there was a Supreme Court challenge dated.

    if the GG did his well versed and noted procedural format,he legally should have queried why that was the case. it is written in his job description that he has to be 100% sure the BILL is accurate and has no attachments(like a court case pending) BEFORE he gives his assention. he failed to do this,which indicates they give no credence to laws and just sign all bills placed before them and tick off. a disgrace to take an income based on what he ASSUMES is correct to get to this far and on his desk for the assention. corrupt comes to mind.

    BUT in his defence,he was absent(how lucky was BAIRD hey) so his DEPUTY signed off in his absence. just happened to be the day the GG was not home!!!!!

    but still his responsibility to have made sure his understudy followed PROTOCOL. he didn’t,and the BILL was signed off. what a way to make a dollar,and for doing what. ticking and signing heaps of papers. disgraceful.

    and that is just ione topic,but it clearly showed,that what is written in the rule bookd for job descriptions,is ignored without fear nor favour. welcome to the world of the sleazy politicians.

  5. lone widow MickThompson Sorry that is not correct. The four reps signed off on the intra code memorandum of understanding ie the relationship between the participants, The Metropolitan Clubs, The Tab Clubs and the non TAB Clubs in Greyhound Racing. The intra-code arrangements were written out of contract by Government legislation under the 2002 Greyhound Racing Act. This meant that the finances received by the greyhounds as a consolidated payments to the greyhound code passed from the control of the greyhound people to GRNSW (that at the time had greyhound representatives on the Board. When the Greyhound board (2009 Act) was given to strangers (independent board) the greyhounds had no control whats over over their monies and you saw the result of this. This is a different argument.

    The inter code agreement ie the percentages between the codes has been a treasury consideration since practically the beginning of the TAB (1964) and the transfer of the TAB from  its participant ownership to it being owned by shareholders was in effect a transfer only with saving provisions and a few housekeeping adjustments and this was done through the in house treasury project and the various control bodies that at the time were under Government control.

    I have published a history of the above called Barking Up The Wrong Tree and have put references to it on this site previously. It also makes up part of my submission to the Select Committee contained in submissions 5 and also some of my research is contained in the GAG leading submission 1.

    The comment by greyhound people attacking themselves over the Tab distributions between the codes and the review since the float has not ben fair comment in the main. It certainly has deflected attention of the main game.

    The reason that the review is unworkable is that the poker machine interests successfully lobbied for legislation that made the review ineffective.

    The real complaint that we should have is that we have been carrying on for fifteen years or more producing a large market share for a negative result.

  6. Kevin the sad part of it all, is those who thought it was a fair deal at time  are still in the game pretending to fight for a better deal in all area’of our industry since Baird and Grant decided to shut down the Industry ! and there is no certain pledge from Baird that he will repeal the Prohibition Bill 2015 . Back in 2012 the Greyhound Action Group was formed with the aim for a fair share of the ICA ,at the time HOGAN and GRNSW would not come on board and fight for a better deal .

    The Action Group Decided it was time to go political  and seek a meeting with the party who had the numbers in the Upper House to force the Government to listen to our plight and with the help of the SFFP and Labor and Fred Nile hence Select Committee into Greyhound Racing here in NSW  came about and one of the recommendations put forward By the Chair Robert Borsak was that a review of the ICA   and Baird and Grant ignored it and we have a fat chance of three codes sitting down and coming  to a agreement on a fair share for all, while V’landy’s and Dumsney are joined at the Hip .Kevin you and i know, we can only win this war is to become politically in this battle and Orange was our first win in this Battle for a Fair Share , that’s why its important for all Greyhound Participants to join the Australian Sport &Racing Party to give us a voice politically.

  7. John Tracey lone widow MickThompson John, Bill, Brenton,have always  maintained at the time it was a good deal , the reality is that it was a short term fix with long term pain for the greyhounds and that can not be denied.The Cameron Report exposed that the other two codes needed to sit down with the Greyhounds and work towards a better deal for all concern and that was never going to happen while the over two codes rode ruff shot over the Government of the day, like it or not we were stood over at the time by the over two codes, and how, our people  sold us short on the deal,   and  the  review , and why wouldn’t people be dirty .John its strong leadership with some political muscle is what we need and that’ is happening . Now John some people that have been there for 15 years and more  they need to move on and i say  this because they are the ones that  have steered us down this road of near destruction. Jonh we need  a board with a 50 % of greyhound people and 50% with business expertise  and a CEO who  is highly regarded with expertise in the racing industry at many levels, not bureaucrats   who couldn’t give a rats arse about the Industry John war is not over unless some of these has been’s move on and if not the battle could be lost.

  8. BobWhitelaw John Tracey lone widow MickThompson 

    Thats right Bob if my old man was still alive he would tell you about some of the stand over tactics that were going on & i bet it would open a few eyes up even now its always been about the horses Back then & its about them now The greyhound industry have never had a fair go & unless we get taking over by the right people this time around we will be worse off again & as it stands as i write this we are still gone come the 30/6/17.

    P.S. Oh and another thing thats on my mind dont you think its strange that John Massara quit & you dont hear a peep out of V’landys & i believe the very Smart man  Mr Massara  & my moneys on him leaving a sinking ship of Troy Grant & V’landy I guess time will tell.

  9. MickThompson BobWhitelaw John Tracey lone widow  my,my,my,what has really been going on in NSW?

    as a Mexican,i don’t like what I am reading/hearing,and I do care,because it affects the industry as a whole,and may tarnish other states along the way. a disgraceful agreement by stupid,stood over so called experts of the field of the day. regardless,it needs TODAY to be revoked and reorganised so that our industry gets its rightful share.i agree BOB,those of the past,whoever THEY may be,have caused this,but this is today,and decisions need to be based on todays industry. crikey,who involves anyone/thing for 100 years. that is just ludicrous and if any are still on boards of the industry today(bob u can honour me with who)they need to retire,real soon.

    I agree we need an entire overhaul,and the quietness of the ALLIANCE in updating people TODAY,SHOWS IT STILL EXISTS. NOT GOOD LADS,NOT GOOD AT ALL.

  10. BobWhitelaw John Tracey lone widow MickThompson Hi Bob, What you are saying is fair comment my only point is one of where the focus should be. The other elephant in the room is that the first fifteen year review was supposed to allow the reform to settle down but this was defeated as there were wall to wall acts during the period while other states had fairly static legislation. On top of this clubs went through six episodes of show causes. Most countries involved with wagering boards have stability funds with percentages rising and falling subject to the present conditions. The country greyhounds have a triple whammy.

  11. lone widow MickThompson  oh am I the smart one?

    rumors are rife BAIRD is on the GG warpath and will attempt to remove him.interesting concept there. if this is true,how many more will BAIRD back stab(oh,ceasar.the pain,the pain)in his quest to do WHAT’S RIGHT(in his mind)?

    it seems this jerk has lost his way(and his marbles) but if everyone DID their job to the letter of the law,they would have discovered BAIRDS intent months back. the guys a whacko,and the pressure is showing as he fails time and time again.he is a gonner,and his own will start looking carnivorous in the not to distant future either.maybe he reads between the lines he is no longer the PIN UP BOY,and will try and use his usual holier than thou attitude to rid himself of those who pose the most risk to his tentative role. look forward to whats coming.

    and secondly. what is the mind set of the ALLIANCE in refusing to notify patrons and GBOTA MEMBERS (paid up members)at that,of what the hell is taking place(if anything).point blank refusal to even say BOO is showing again the wrong people are in charge of this operation,and I pity the people of NSW having such morons as the selected(in-house)leaders and advocates for the industry. beginning to see BOBS frustration in determining why some are still in the role after all the errors and poor management of previous years(decades),but I am just a mere mortal looking in from the outside….lol

  12. lone widow MickThompson  now,being a smart dude like I am,or I read to many spy novels.consider this possibility.

    BAIRD is on the warpath of the GG.

    when the ASSENTING of his PROHIBITION BILL was signed,the GG was ”out of town” just for that day,and BAIRD had the deputy sign it off. just happened to be the day the GG was absent. interesting that.

    so,one may be accused of scuttlebutt here, but just maybe,just maybe, BAIRD and the GG were at loggerheads on the BILL at the time(possible) and that the GG was actually doing what I say he should have been doing at the time,and that is being certain 100% the BILL was accurate and had no negs attached(the MCHUGH REPORT was being challenged at the time remember)and suggested to BAIRD it needs adjusting?

    BAIRD and his mighty goons knew this was a stalling affect,so waited(oh me I am getting cynical now) for the GG to leave TOWN for the day,and have the so called DEPUTY quickly sign off. recall it was rushed through very quickly,and they had no time for hurdles.

    I feel the GG(the real bloke) has discovered the wrong and has taken task to BAIRD…..HENCE why they are at loggerheads?????

    interesting hey.

  13. spyman lone widow MickThompson Lets look at these people  most self appointed ? one has a conviction for stealing from his employer, another allowed  an employee to walk free after embezzelment of over 100 thousand dollars and another moved up to the front bench after 3 months in the industry ! Know this group have the say on our future  with a membership of around 1 thousand  and the other 5 thousand participants have no say in our future direction ! ITS A SELF INTEREST GROUP and ringing me and telling me to back off  WON”T WORK.

  14. BobWhitelaw spyman lone widow MickThompson  cough,cough. what the…….

    oh my,don’t the picture look different under pressure, hey BOB?

    so this is greyhound racing NSW? welcome one and all to the reasons why its floundering.a internal review maybe needed to sort this out one would think.

    is MAURICE IEMMA the dude to appraise this type of CLUB?

    glad I am out of dogs and into….horses…

    wont say what I really think about this BOB,as your threats seem to be derived from …suggesting some wrongs maybe?….lol

    oh dear,this is a real worry mate,a real worry indeed.

    now if I recall correctly,a owner,trainers,breeders group,regardless of STATE,was set up more as a UNION to protect its members in a particular this not the case anymore?protect against exactly what is occurring today in all states,but more abhorrently in NSW. seems all the OLD UNION REASONS for a protectionist angle have dissipated into smut and power. geez,what would the old guys say(sounds like some are still alive tho)on hearing/knowing this exists.

    of course,i am well alert on the goings on.similar power struggles exist or have existed before. its up to the members now to take control of step forward is all that is needed. who will make that first step?

  15. BobWhitelaw lone widow MickThompson  ps…………….BOB,hows ya friendship with BORSAK? his ears are clean I hear,dirty them up a tad….lol

  16. MickThompson BobWhitelaw John Tracey lone widow  interesting stuff MICK. two now who have a knowledge of ‘things not being right within the club”……interesting stuff.seems this all has a history.if the real stuff was known,would some be in a uncomfortable position today?would an enquiry into this ‘club’ cause some disharmony for some as well?

  17. spyman BobWhitelaw lone widow MickThompson Borsak  is on the Job and taking our fight to them and he wants the other two codes to cough up some  of the cash we have earn’t  for them over the year’s ,he believe’s ITS TIME for them to cough up and kick the Fair Share Tin .Which will allow us to address the problem’s in our code without shutting it down.

  18. spyman MickThompson BobWhitelaw John Tracey lone widow My mail is that inquiry  you mention is going to happen ? if so, some Grubs will be ducking for cover, I bet. 

  19. BobWhitelaw spyman MickThompson John Tracey lone widow  BOB, back to BORSAK.

    can he get deeper involved? hard to express my real thoughts/meanings,but an in depth search among history and books maybe?

    u know what is needed? a take-over.

    surely if enough members are gathered,they can overthrow the quote approx.;1000 GBOTA members,and 5000 greyhound NSW members, considering what has been occurring,enough is enough.


  20. spyman BobWhitelaw MickThompson John Tracey lone widow Well the good news the SF&F party is the largest political organisation fighting to protect our freedoms,our farmers and the Future of outdoor sports .the threat facing us today is huge,but together we are a strong and united voice  for outdoor sports and to support farmer in their quest for a better deal from Governments. At this stage  announcement re a branch of the Party will be formed in the new year to be the voice for Greyhound  Participants at a political level which for years has been missing ! also i  must point out that formation of another political party who also will be a voice at the Next election is the Australian Sports & Racing  Party which also is supporting the Greyhound Industry ,so for a brighter future for the Greyhound Industry please become a member of one of the two parties  you can join the SF&F party on line.

  21. BobWhitelaw spyman MickThompson John Tracey lone widow  ta BOB, I actually looked them up today for the Victoria division.sent an email asking for their views and stance on greyhound racing in Victoria….more to test the reactions of opinions between states.still need a UNION type set up to confront GRNSW and whoever BAIRD puts in place wouldn’t you?

  22. THE GUARDIAN is running a tremendous article on taking away ANIMAL ACTIVISTS CHARIATABLE RIGHTS,if found to breach farmers lands for the sake of recording animal activities.

    this is a teriffic response to the cowboy attitude of trespassing and intimidating by activists,and BARNABY JOYCE and the POLICE along with FARMERS have begun to action a plan to process in parliament soon.

    FARUQI the GOOKI is a tad peed off(DEB,U WILL LOVE TO DINE OUT ON THIS STORY) and not to happy about AA rights being taken away from them,and there charitable status.

    a bloo bath awakens one day,and this is a sensible move.there are ways to deal with the problems of cruelty,so use them properly like every other law abiding citizen has to.

    3 cheers.

  23. The industry has themselves to blame. You are all as weak as piss. Stand up for yourselves you weak bastards. All the BS rules GRNSW is bringing in. No point whinging and bitching on Facebook. That’s not going to fix it.

    Stand up for yourselves and tell them to stick it up their arse.

    I didn’t agree with everything GAG did but they did at least get an enquiry, which in agreeance with the Cameron Report found we are being ripped off by the Trots and Gallops. Do something about it. Stand united.

  24. Here’s the Question put  to Mikey Boy by Robert Borsak are you going to endure the Greyhound Industry is properly and viably financed with Fair Market Share Distributions of Tax adjustments and the fair share of the Inter-Code!  He’s still waiting for his reply.