Pewee’s Adventure Raises $7800

Peewee the Greyhound pup has been quite the fundraiser during his very short life.

Young Peewee (High Earner – Bogie Sky pup)was the first prize in a raffle conducted by Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club raising funds for the victims of the Lockyer Valley floods. Greyhound Racing SA assisted the cause by selling raffle tickets and purchasing tickets – and won first prize.

“Winning first prize in the raffle was a terrific surprise,” Greyhound Racing SA Marketing Manager Sam Jeffries said.

“As a governing body, we aren’t involved in owning, training and racing greyhounds ourselves.
“But we saw Peewee as an ideal opportunity to raise more funds, this time for the Greyhound Adoption Program in South Australia.”

Greyhound Racing SA placed Peewee for sale for $7,000 with all proceeds going to the Greyhound Adoption Program SA. Peewee was highly sought after, selling within 2 days.

And the purchaser? Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club. Peewee doesn’t even need to leave home as he has now been placed in a Queensland syndicate.

Peewee’s adventures raised $800 for the Lockyer Valley cause (on top of the $5,000 already donated from Adelaide Cup gate takings) and another $7,000 towards GAP SA.

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