Shambler & West Train Armidale Doubles

Silent Brethren Leads In To The Home Straight
Silent Brethren Leads In To The Home Straight
Uralla trainers were well and truly amongst the spoils at Saturday's Armidale Greyhound Racing Club meet.

Michelle Shambler bagged two of the ten-race program, with her dogs and winning the third and ninth races respectively.

Fellow Uralla trainer took the first race.

Maureen West, from Beechwood, also trained two winners on the day.

Club president said the meeting was a success.

“It was a good day, except for the cold wind,” he said.

“There was some good racing, the track specialist King's Man got up again and Maureen West did well, she's always a trainer to follow here.

“It was good to see the locals getting amongst it as well.”

Nordstrom said the club's next meeting would be in late September, and plans were underway to stage heats for the Maitland Country Cup final to be held in November.


Race 1, Armidale Fruit Market Appreciation, maiden, 365m, 1 RIVET COUNTRY (Peter McAllister 5/1), 2 Defying Time, 3 Scruffy Gaites.

Race 2, Barry Mitchell Appreciation, maiden, 365m, 1 (Maureen West 4/1), 2 , 3 Maisie Lee.

Race 3, Armidale Bowling Club Appreciation, mixed grade, 440m, 1 KILLER QUEEN (Michelle Shambler 5/2), 2 Miss Copenhagen, 3 Good Times.

Race 4, Steelfarm Armidale Stakes, B5, 365m, 1 KING'S MAN (Peter McAllister, 3/1), 2 Pro Miss, 3 Kegs on Legs.

Race 5, Hardman's Nissan Appreciation, grade 4/5, 440m, 1 ( 5/2), 2 Tonguester, 3 Fast Out.

Race 6, Armidale Ex-Services Appreciation, grade 4/5 final, 365m, 1 SILENT BRETHREN (Maureen West 4/1), 2 Travelling Wild, 3 .

Race 7, John Cannon Appreciation, grade 5, 365m, 1 PEDRO'S POWER ( 5/1), 2 Mulligan Lane, 3 Bluey Tai.

Race 8, Armidale Express Appreciation, grade 5, 520m, 1 DYNAMIC SPIRAL (Russell Harland 5/2), 2 Miss Carruthers, 3 North Mail.

Race 9, AGRC Supporters' Stakes, grade 5, 365m, 1 SWANKY (Michelle Shambler 5/2), 2 Benny's Quick, 3 Appleby.

Race 10, Armidale Ex-Services Appreciation, grade 5, 440m, 1 BLUE BRIGHT (Russell Harland 7/2), 2 Sixer's Slip, 3 Silent Bomb.

Courtesy : The Armidale Express

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