South Australian Greyhound Racing Gets a Boost

Greyhound racing in South Australia is poised to receive a much needed boost with prizemoney across all levels of racing seeing a 5% increase.

Moreover there will be investment, in the final race with the total prize pool reaching $50,000.

This increase, effective December 1, 2023 acknowledges the industry's performance over the year and the growing expenses associated with participating in this sport.

, Chair of Greyhound Racing SA () expressed his belief that this enhanced prizemoney will greatly benefit all participants throughout the state.

Stevens emphasized that investing in prize money is crucial for ensuring the long-term sustainability of their sport.

He highlighted how increased prizemoney at all levels positively impacts participants ability to race dogs at levels and travel to various regional centers.

Furthermore it enables them to maintain dog care practices and reinvest back into their facilities.

The primary aim is to alleviate some of the pressures stemming from rising living costs while instilling confidence within the industry regarding its success and stability during these challenging times.

Notably the 50th edition of the Cup will experience a boost in its prize pool.

The GRSA board has recently decided to increase the prize money for the final to $50,000.

According to Stevens, the Anniversary Cup is a tradition at that brings our greyhound community together in celebration of our sport.

It holds a place on the calendar.

“We are committed to strengthening its position by offering a increase in prize money for the final.

“I'm excitedly looking forward to this years race, where top sprinters from, across the state will compete while our community gathers to cheer them on”, said Stevens.

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