Talking Breeding: Barcia Bale dominates with four litters

THIS week's review of litters selected from the Victorian Litter Registrations list for the week ending July 19, starts with two litters by Victoria's leading metropolitan sire, Barcia Bale (March 2010 Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale).

At the end of July Barcia Bale was on top of the 2016 Metropolitan Sires list with 117 wins, followed by Cosmic Rumble 101 wins, Magic Sprite 95 wins and Kinloch Brae* 74 wins, with Dyna Tron, Turanza Bale and Collision, all with 64 wins each.

At the end of March this year Barcia Bale led with 64 wins, following by Cosmic Rumble 46 wins, Magic Sprite 37 wins, Kinloch Brae* 35 wins and Fabregas 32 wins, so the biggest improver has been Magic Sprite with 58 wins for the second quarter, compared with 55 for Cosmic Rumble and 53 for Barcia Bale.

Based on those figures, unless there is a dramatic turnaround in the second half of the year, Barcia Bale looks safe to hang on to his lead. However, six months is an awful lot of racing with four meetings a week on the two city tracks, so I think I'll wait a bit longer before I declare him the year's top sire.

Mickleham breeder, Christopher Van Lieshout, has the first of his two litters on the Victorian list this week, which is five dogs and three bitches, from the beautifully bred bitch, Dyna Aline (June 2010 Bombastic Shiraz x Dyna Panama), whose dam is by Gable Lafourche* x Raisa Bale (Head Honcho x Valencia Bale).

She is from a good litter which included Dyna Bonnie, Dyna Cari, Dyna Drago, Dyna Elric, Dyna Filbert and Dyna Greer, with their dam also producing winners from her five other litters, by Ahand Lad*, Barcia Bale (which was a very good litter and proves the bloodline match), Heston Bale, Surf Lorian and Where's Pedro.

Victorian Litter RegstrationsDyna Aline was trained at Murray Brodge by Wendy Matcott and raced 63 times for 18 wins and 20 placings, winning six times over 515 metres at Angle Park (29.78) where she also won five times over 600 metres (34.97) and three times over 731 metres (43.52), with four wins over 643 metres at Gawler (37.51).

She has one previous litter on file, seven dogs and three bitches, whelped in December 2014, by international stud success, Brett Lee, and there is plenty to like about the breeding of both of her litters, plus the fact she showed such versatility on the track, winning from 515 metres to 731 metres.

Girgarre breeder, Alan Ferguson has the other Barcia Bale litter, five dogs and five bitches, from another very well bred, lightly raced bitch, Little Miss Hap (November 2009 Knocka Norris x Surf Queen), whose dam is by Surf Lorian x Queen Size (Deep North x Ultra Queen).

She is from her dam's first Knocka Norris litter, which included Alleviate, Crystal Cash, Don't Knocka Him, Powers Back, Scissor Queen and Surf Sticka.

Surf Queen also whelped a second Knocka Norris litter in May 2012, along with litters by Brett Lee, Fear Zafonic*, Head Bound and Pure Octane.

Little Miss Hap, along with Crystal Cash, Powers Back and Scissor Queen fit my criteria as most sought after bitches to breed with, being from a litter with a very successful star performer, in this case Group 1 winner, Don't Knocka Him, so the task for keen students of breeding might be to track down the other three bitches in the litter and see whether they are available for breeding.

On the track, Little Miss Hap only raced eight times for three wins, over 287 metres at Lithgow (16.99), 307 metres at Bathurst (17.98) and 400 metres at Bulli (22.99).

Little Miss Hap has already proven herself as a very good producer with good winners from her first two litters, whelped in November 2012 by Cosmic Rumble and September 2013 by Magic Sprite.

Christopher Van Lieshout also has a litter of four dogs and four bitches on the list this week, by Brett Lee (January 1999 Gun Law Osti x Sobbing Sal) from another Wheeler bred bitch, Laura Allen (January 2011 Dyna Lachlan x ), whose dam is by Bond x Tannice Bale (Head Honcho x Jindara Bale) and following on from last week, remember, Jindara Bale is by Grove Whisper x Star Lee (Admiral Lynch x Gleefullee).

Keeping the Books in line

NEXT we have a nice litter of seven pups, registered by Haddon breeder, Ivan Chircop, by the beatifully bred stud prospect, Bookkeeper (February 2011 Bombastic Shiraz x Smashing Amy), whose dam is by Collide x Amy Grace (Bobniak x Flying Amy).

The two dogs and five bitches in this litter are from the very well bred bitch, Go Go Gracie (June 2009 Regal Brett x Cool Serenade), whose dam is by Hot Chill x Shirdon Serenade (Crowned Honcho x Shirdon Megan), remembering that Regal Brett is by Brett Lee x Floodfawn (Awesome Assassin x Floodgate).

Go Go Gracie is from a litter of five named, which included Bo Peep Flyer, Chocolate Spider, Homecoming Queen and Rise A Knight, with their dam, Cool Serenade only having two other named offspring on file, Dragon Ball and Stone Black, who were whelped in May 2007 by Trewly Special).

On the track she raced 53 times for four wins and seven placings, winning three times over 390 metres at Ballarat (22.51) and also over 390 metres at (22.62).

Unraced dam

GLENORCHY breeder Jeanette Spruyt has a nice litter of seven pups on the list this week, by the little known sire, Full Circle (May 2009 Mister Twink x Andbyn's Express), whose dam is by Hallucinate x Bigbad Trooper (Shining Chariot x Bigbad Gwen).

Full Circle is from a litter of four named, all winners, which included Hillbilly Hippy, Hippy Princess and Rip Van Twinkle, with his dam's only other litter, whelped in March 2012 by Elite State, also producing winners.

Full Circle raced 87 times for 11 wins and 27 placings, winning twice over 515 metres at Sandown (29.54) where he also won over 595 metres (34.47), twice over 600 metres at The Meadows (34.56), with single wins over 660 metres at Bendigo (38.89), 512 metres at Mt Gambier (30.89), 650 metres at Sale (37.39), 550 metres at Ballarat (31.35), and 520 metres at Cranbourne (30.52) where he also won over 699 metres (42.72).

Full Circle has three named offspring to date, Arborstone, Ollie Aztec and Steve's Blunder, from an October 2014 litter out of the well bred bitch, Prince's Faye ( x Another Nobody), whose dam is by Nobody's Fool x Another Treasure).

Jeanette's litter of two dogs and five bitches are from the well bred, unraced bitch, La Lucina (Hallucinate x Miss Bongoola), whose dam is by Hotshot x Calico Dream (Head Honcho x Calico Fawn).

She is from a litter of three named, which included Heat Survivor and Katali, with their dam having three other litters on file, August 2006 and April 2007 by Bond and September 2004 by Lilli Pilli Lad.

All the Rage

OUR final litter for review from this week's Victorian list, is seven pups, registered by Lara breeder, John Galea, by stud newcomer, Group 3 winner, Sisco Rage (February 2012 High Earner x Sisco Power), whose dam is by Sisco Buzz x Sisco Yep (No Intent x Bandit Queen).

John's litter of four dogs and three bitches are from the well bred city winner, Sisco Fiasco (April 2012 Kilty Lad x Sisco Flame), whose dam is by Pure Octane x Sisco Chick (Nobody's Fool x Miss Countach).

Sisco Fiasco is from her dam's only litter of four named, which included Sisco Flyer, Sisco Mix and Sisco Pure and on the track she raced 87 times for 10 wins and 25 placings.

She won twice over 515 metres at Sandown (29.47), where she also won twice over 595 metres (34.79), twice over 450 metres at Shepparton (25.60), twice over 500 metres at Bendigo (28.12) and also over 525 metres at The Meadows (29.94) and 596 metres at (34.71).

Sisco Rage is from a 100% winning litter, which included Sisco Comet, Sisco Fury, Sisco Good, Sisco Happy, Thunder Rail and Thunder Won and on the track he raced 141 times for the outstanding record of 29 wins and 57 placings, which earned connections more than $250,000 in stakes.

He is by the ill-fated sire High Earner (Collision x Double Guess) and a closer look at his dam Sisco Power's damline reveals names including (New Tears x Centrefire), Big Ginger Boy (Ginger x Dark Horizon), Head Honcho (Walkabout Sid x Fitzroy Lass), Hot Show Deb (New Tears x Wee Sal) and Gun Law Osti (Brother Gox x Miss Dusty Lee), so he certainly deserves a chance at stud and I would like to see him get more bitches to show his potential.

NSW Whelping Report

TURNING our attention to the NSW Whelping Report for the week ending April 9, we begin the same way as we did the Victorian list, with two litters by Barcia Bale (March 2010 Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale) who is in fifth place on the NSW Metropolitan Sires list at the end of July with 18 wins, behind list leader Magic Sprite 89 wins, Spring Gun 43 wins, Collision 38 wins and Where's Pedro 23 wins.

NSW Whelping ReportBathurst breeder, Irene Buttsworth, has the first of his two litters, which has three dogs and two bitches, from the very well bred bitch, Casey Vella (August 2008 Black Enforcer x Secret Tears), whose dam is by Just The Best x Private Affair (Malawi's Prince x Angel Affair).

Casey Vella is from a litter which included Bargo Vella, Beach Ball, Chelsea Vella, Fui Fui Power, Lupine Lilly, Mrs. What and Secret Force, with their dam, Secret Tears also producing winners from her four other litters, by Bond, Collision, Magic Sprite and Where's Pedro.

Casey Vella raced 36 times for eight wins and 12 placings, winning five times over 515 metres at The Gardens (29.74), with single wins over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (30.43), 440 metres at Gunnedah (24.82) and 400 metres at Maitland (22.81).

Casino breeder, Margaret Dwyer has the second Barcia Bale litter, two dogs and four bitches from the well bred, lightly raced bitch, Shoot Thru Blue (January 2012 Where's Pedro x Surin' Sal), whose dam is by Surf Lorian x Shy Sal (Faithful Hawk x Sally Kooringa).

She is from a litter of four named, which included Farmer's Gold, Special Guy and Surfin' Sue, with their dam also producing winners from her only other litter, whelped in March 2014 by Collision.

Shoot Thru Blue raced nine times for one win and three placings, winning over 431 metres at Ipswich (25.15), where she was also placed, with additional placings over 407 metres at Grafton and 484 metres at Casino.

Irene's got a Fever

BATHURST breeder, Irene Buttsworth, also has a litter of one dog and four bitches on the list this week by Buck Fever (December 2009 Brett Lee x Kiacatoo Pearl) from the beautifully bred, proven producer, So Classy (February 2008 Kiowa Sweet Trey* x Calm Blitz), whose dam is by No Intent x Bright Blitz (Malawi's Prince x Bright Banner).

So Classy is from a litter which included Fast Exit, Little Blitz, Sweet Blitz and Trey Bliss, with their dam having four other named offspring, from two litters, whelped in October 2008 by Bombastic Shiraz and July 2009 by Where's Pedro.

So Classy raced 29 times for the consistent record of seven wins and 13 placings, winning twice over 506 metres at Lithgow (29.80), where she also won over 414 metres (24.78) and also won over 400 metres at Dubbo (23.54), 400 metres at Wagga (23.48), 520 metres at Dapto (30.46) and 520 metres at Bathurst (30.32).

She has winners on file from her first two litters, whelped in May 2013 by Makeshift* and October 2014 by Spring Gun, with both of these litters bred by West Bathurst breeder, Ronald Knight.

Fabregas litter

NEXT we have a litter of seven pups by the 2012 National Sprint Championship winner, Fabregas (October 2010 Bombastic Shiraz x Wicked Witch).

The seven pups, all male, registered by South Marcoota breeder, Scott Campton, are from the very well bred, handy city winning bitch, Lach's Wish (April 2011 Collision x Lachlan's Gift), whose dam is by History Lesson x Naughty Thoughts (Go Wild Teddy x Ready To Rain).

She is from a very good litter which included Break Loose, Haves, Jack's Joker, Queen's Order, Wanna Tango and Warm Welcome, with their dam, Lachlan's Gift producing winners from both of her other litters, whelped in April 2010 by Bombastic Shiraz and January 2013 by Where's Pedro.

On the track she raced 61 times for ten wins and 19 placings, winning six times over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (30.01), twice over 535 metres at Richmond (30.90) and also over 520 metres at Dapto (30.29), where she also won over 600 metres (34.77).

Four litters

ASTUTE Gunning breeder, Jodie Lord, dominated this week's NSW list with four litters from the total of twelve, with 20 pups by three different sires.

Her first litter is two dogs and seven bitches, by Australian bred, now Irish based, Hades Rocket* (August 2002 Brett Lee x Sound The Alarm), from the beautifully bred bitch, Cawbourne Cobra (Dyna Lachlan x ), whose dam is by Molotov* x Elite Monelli (Elite State x Elusive Rebel).

She raced 55 times for nine wins and 25 placings, winning four times over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (29.69) and three times over 440 metres at Canberra (25.25), where she also won over 310 metres (17.59) and 600 metres (35.41).

Hades Rocket raced 40 times for 13 wins and 11 placings, winning at Group 1 level, in the Winter Carnival Cup at Albion Park (29.90) in race record time, before going to Ireland where he has become quite a successful sire, with 1337 named offspring on file, with his top 100 offspring all in the UK and Ireland.

Jodie's second litter is three dogs and three bitches, by Kiowa Mon Manny* (September 2002 Flying Penske x Flying Monica K) from the imported bitch, J's Robin* (February 2010 Lonesome Cry x Boy Trouble), whose dam is by WW Time Warp x Flash Sonicboom (I Am Goin Places x Seneca Magic).

According to, she raced 132 times for 61 wins and is from a very successful, 100% winning litter who won more than 160 races, with breeding records here showing she has one previous litter, two dogs and four bitches, whelped in July 2015, by Collision.

Next Jodie has a litter of one dog and two bitches, also by Kiowa Mon Manny*, from the beautifully bred bitch, Notso Sweet (August 2011 Where's Pedro x Fancy Jaffa), whose dam is by Collision x Flash Fancy (Brett Lee x Miss Fancy).

Notso Sweet is a litter sister to highly rated stud prospect, Zulu Zeus, and a half sister to the outstanding sprinter Buck Forty, and potential staying champion, Burn One Down, along with Buck Stop, Chocolate Fever, Gully Fever, Hawksbury Fever and Moonshine Mandy who are all from the 100% winning January 2014 litter.

Their dam, Fancy Jaffa also has a winning litter of three named on file, whelped in April 2013 by El Grand Senor, which produced Crazy Sexy, Elusive Ned and Local Thief, so she certainly has some beautifully bred stock on the ground.

Notso Sweet raced 28 times for the handy record of nine wins and seven placings, winning four times over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (29.78), twice over 520 metres at Dapto (29.79) and also over 472 metres at Bulli (26.56) and 535 metres at Richmond (31.26). Breeding records show she has one previous litter, five dogs and three bitches, whelped in April 2015 by Barcia Bale.

Jodie's final litter, unfortunately has just the one dog and one bitch pup, by Razldazl George* (November 2008 Kinloch Brae x Razldazl Pearl), from the beautifully bred bitch, Puff Dragon (March 2009 Dragon Fire* x Sweet Apple Pie), whose dam is by * x Lucky Penna (Light Of Fire x Paris Match).

Puff Dragon raced 27 times for nine wins and nine placings, winning four times over 520 metres at Lismore (30.25), twice over 480 metres at Grafton (27.35), twice over 450 metres at Maitland (25.68) and also over 440 metres at Armidale (25.26), with breeding records showing her with winners from her first litter, whelped in June 2013 by Magic Sprite. She also has a litter of one dog and one bitch, whelped in March 2015 by Kiowa Mon Manny*.

Touch of Magic

OUR final litter for review from the NSW list this week is one with eight pups, registered by Wodonga breeder, Sean O'Donnell, by leading NSW metropolitan sire, Magic Sprite (March 2008 Brett Lee x Glamorous).

The three dogs and five bitches are from the beautifully bred bitch, Vintage Burgundy (March 2011 Premier Fantasy* x Sionara Baby), whose dam is by Cool x Dash Of Burgundy (Royal Assassin x Minnesota Babe) and worth recalling, Minnestota Babe is by the successful import Balligari* (Daleys Gold x Westmead Move), from the good producer Gravel Rash (Brother Fox x Gumbahah).

Vintage Burgundy is from a very good litter, which included Iron Man, Kaytown Lad, Premier Assassin, Premier Event, Premier Series, Reanimation, Sam's Sionara and Sionara Milly, who all won races, with their dam's only other litter, of 11 named, whelped in August 2009 by Bombastic Shiraz, producing 10 individual winners.

Vintage Burgundy raced 33 times for one win and 12 placings, winning over 515 metres at Sandown (30.12), where she was also placed seven times, with additional placings over 410 metres at Horsham, 460 metres Geelong and 450 metres at Warrnambool.

According to my breeding records, she has three named offspring on file, Casino King, Rose Of Lumpinee and White Muscat, who were whelped in August 2014 by Swift Fancy.

NSW Stud Services

CATCHING up with our Stud Service figures, this week we have the NSW figures for the month of March, which saw Barcia Bale as the most popular sire with breeders, with seven services, followed by Dyna Double One and Fabregas, both with five, Don't Knocka Him, El Grand Senor, Fernando Bale, Magic Sprite and Sulzanti with three each, then Brett Lee, Collision, Kiowa Mon Manny* and Spring Gun with two each, completing the list of sires with multiple services for the month.

Looking at the combined figures for the first quarter, January to March, Dyna Double One has had 18, followed by Barcia Bale 12, Fabregas 11, Fernando Bale 10, Don't Knocka Him and Magic Sprite 7 each, El Grand Senor and Swift Fancy with 6 each, Dyna Villa, Kinloch Brae* and Kiowa Mon Manny* 4 each, Banjo Boy, Bekim Bale, Collision, Cosmic Rumble, Sultanti and Where's Pedro 3 each, then Brett Lee, Buck Fever, Jarvis Bale, KC And All, My Bro Fabio, and Spring Gun with 2 each completing the list of sires with multiple services over the three months.

Let us now look at the list of all sires, with services registered in NSW in the first three months of this year, in alphabetical order, with the two figures for each sire representing their services in March, then the three months January to March.

Able Seaman 0-1, Awesome Project 0-1, Banjo Boy 1-3, Barcia Bale 7-12, Bekim Bale 0-3, Blitiz To Excel 1-1, Brett Lee 2-2, Buck Fever 1-2, Cape Hawke 0-1, Cawbourne Frank 0-1, Collision 2-3, Cosmic Rumble 1-3, Dalalla 0-1, Don't Knocka Him 3-7, Dyna Double One 5-18, Dyna Villa 1-4, El Grand Senor 3-6, Elite State 1-1, Fabregas 5-11, Fancy Dean 0-1, Fernando Bale 3-10, Flying Stanley* 0-1, Hades Rocket* 0-1, Hoover Boy 0-1, Jagger Swagger 0-1, Jarvis Bale1-2, Johnny Fire 0-1, Kayda Shae 1-1, KC And All* 1-2, Keybow 1-1, Kinloch Brae* 0-4, Kiowa Producer* 0-1, Kiowa Mon Manny* 2-4, Knocka Norris 1-1, Late Late Show* 1-1, Magic Sprite 3-7, Milldean Panther* 0-1, My Bro Fabio 1-2, Oaks Road 1-2, Paddy's Flame 0-1, Paradise Mdison* 0-1, Paw Licking 0-1, Phantom's Icon 1-1, Premier Fantasy* 1-1, Razldazl George* 0-1, Rocky Bale 1-1, Ruff It 0-1, Shakey Jakey 0-1, Smooth Fancy 1-1, Spring Gun 2-2, Sulzanti 3-3, Superman 0-1, Swift Fancy 0-6, Tuiaki 0-1, Turanza Bale 0-1, Where's Pedro 1-3 and Yahoo Omar* 0-1.

From the Mailbag

RECEIVED an email a couple of weeks ago from Matt Marshall, who helps out Myrniong (Victoria) breeder Michael Crowe, suggesting that in our selection of review from the Victorian Litter Registrations list for the week ending July 5, we had missed out the best litter.

Thanks Matt, it's not a matter of missing out any litter in particular, it is just sometimes difficult picking out five or so from maybe 15 to 20 on the list that week, looking for the litters with bigger numbers which will give more people an opportunity to buy them, not featuring the same sires each week, and trying to give some of the smaller sires a go in preference to the corporate sires.

Anyway, having missed Michael's litter of three dogs and two bitches, by Barcia Bale (March 2010 Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale) from the beautifully bred bitch, Valarie Allen April 2011 Turanza Bale x Tayah Bale) that week, let us have a closer look at it now.

Valarie Allen is from a very good litter, which included Allen Yates, Amran Allen, Wally Allen and the outstanding sprinter-stayer, Xylia Allen, who raced 83 times for 40 wins and 25 placings, and stake earnings of $743,780.

Trained at Murray Bridge by Wendy Matcott, Valarie Allen raced 62 times for nine wins and 22 placings, winning four times over 515 metres at Angle Park (30.23), where she also won over 388 metres (22.73), and won over 531 metres (31.17) and three times over 643 metres (35.18) at Gawler.

She has four named offspring on file, Cheekers, Droppin' Plates, Myrniong Comer and Wharfie's Mate, who were whelped in January 2015 by Bella Infrared*, so she certainly has some well bred youngsters on the ground.

Matt told us that some of the litter will be for sale, but as you would expect, looking at their pedigree and close relationship to the great Xylia Allen, they well have a corresponding price tag, but if you're looking to buy one of the best bred pups around, I'd suggest you you had better be quick.


2016 Waterloo Cup

ALL roads lead to this weekend for the running of the time honoured coursing classic, The Waterloo Cup.
This year the National Coursing Association celebrates the 142 years of this great event, hosted this year by the Lang Lang Coursing Club.

The winner of this year's Waterloo Cup will receive $12,970 plus a handsome trophy and presentation rug, with the runner up receiving $3,875 plus trophy.

Defeated Semi finalists will receive $800, those beaten in the quarter finals will get $200 and in the third round $170.

There will also be two consolation events for dogs beaten in the Cup qualifiers with $1680 to the winners and $600 runner up plus trophies, plus support events including Puppies and Maidens, each worth $500 to the winner.

Racing on both days commences at 10.00 and with full canteen and bar facilities available.

The Waterloo Cup is tough, let me tell you, with greyhounds required to run the approximately 300 metre course six times in two days to secure the title.

Trying to select the winner before the first course is almost impossible, because a lot of dogs can't back up three times in the Saturday, let alone come back and do it all again on the Sunday.

Greyhounds without coursing experience, or at least having run up three times to make or win an event final, face an extremely difficult task.

The consolation events, for dogs run out in rounds one and two are always interesting as some of those not quite quick enough on day one, come up better the second day.

Fields for the first round of the 2016 Waterloo Cup are:


Disappointing with only 36 dogs drawn to run in this year's Cup, which is also down on class too, and I think this is something the NCA will need to take a good look at after the season is over.

If I was forced to have a stab at picking the winner, I would go with Better Than This, Ribacola, Happy Hour, Levensbeat Bevan and Johnnie, but it's anybody's guess how many of them will come up on the second day.

Full fields for Sunday's support card are available on the NCA website.

Waterloo Cup – honour roll

1873 Miss Heller
1874 Sandy
1875 Royal Water
1876 Miss Walker
1877 Gitana
1878 Young Bezique
1879 Lelex
1880 Spring Water
1881 Lady Maryborough
1882 Capri
1883 Rhodanthe
1884 Melfort
1885 Rhodanthe
1886 The Last Request
1887 Livingstone
1888 Lincoln
1889 Good News
1890 Referee
1891 High Rent
1892 Belgravia
1893 Bloomer
1894 Bloomer
1895 The Joker
1895 The Joker
1896 Waterhen
1896 Condifence
1897 Drinan Dhu
1898 Bogan
1899 Aqua Fortis
1900 Transit
1901 Master Liquorice
1902 Planet
1903 Kilronan
1904 Great Heart
1905 Lanoline
1906 Bulwark
1907 Bulwark
1908 Ella Goldsmith
1909 Bulwark
1910 Ella Goldsmith
1911 Rooty Hill
1912 Astrokan
1913 Grandstar
1914 Fluke
1915 Mindful Elsie
1916 Brown Hawk
1917 Brown Hawk
1918 Press Me
1919 Banjo Girl
1920 British Foot
1921 Warilda
1922 Vanity Verse
1923 Unie
1924 Tiger Lass
1925 Ezic
1926 Terminus
1927 Jew's Harp
1928 Hillcourt Lass
1929 Herdsman
1930 Father's Footsteps
1931 Father's Footsteps
1932 Heritage
1933 Maurice/My Andy*
1934 Krueger
1935 Krueger
1936 Eastcote
1937 Robert Micawber
1938 Lettie's Chris
1939 Silver Chief
1940 Snappy
1941 Groongal
1942 Peerless Prince
1943 Keep Alert
1944 Dandenong Jim
1945 Minda West
1946 Blue Birch
1947 Devon Alert
1948 Coonega
1949 Tarryhere
1950 Harryed
1951 Rivleen
1952 Highland Beau
1953 Byamee
1954 Byamee
1955 Byamee
1956 Merrileigh Master
1957 Olympic Chief
1958 Merrileigh Chief
1959 Fixit
1960 Merrileigh Prince
1961 Loem
1962 Merrileigh Belle
1963 Tarcoon
1964 Dark Daniel
1965 No Event
1966 No Event
1967 Roman Holiday
1968 Tara Darkie
1969 Sol's Favourite
1970 Sir Sampson
1971 Bobalina
1972 Blue Pharaoh
1973 Gadoni
1974 Capricorn Gem
1975 Sylvan Prince
1976 Arana Star/ Rawdon Girl*
1977 Romp
1978 Roisheen's Son
1979 Aloha's Mate
1980 Rambler/ Abrupt*
1981 Cavalier
1982 Captain Fyans
1983 Chief Kruger
1984 Ben Nerrin
1985 Swift Etzel
1986 Satanic Port
1987 Mobile Steel
1988 Ian's Idol
1989 Dainty Cup
1990 Jeremiah
1991 Write It Down/Earmarker*
1992 Totally Blue
1993 New Beat/Perkins*
1994 Krytara Mac
1995 Classic Rule
1996 Hoppy's Hunt
1997 Devil May Care
1998 Black Soldier
1999 Heaters
2000 Izzi Awesome
2001 Taye Diggs
2002 Shrek
2003 Landliner
2004 Rossiter's Rocket
2005 Toora Tiger
2006 Xrate
2007 Camogie
2008 Ego
2009 Voodoo Oak
2010 Sparrow Baz
2011 Cruise Away Lass
2012 Zambora Blueboy
2013 Zambora Blueboy
2014 Full Of Grace
2015 Rylee's Marshall

*Denotes a year when a cup has been divided.

When ownership of the two greyhounds reaching a final is the same, the greyhounds do not compete against each other. The event is divided between the two greyhounds. No winner and runner up are recorded as the event is Divided. This is unique to coursing.

– Two Waterloo Cups were held in 1895 and 1896.

From 1900 to 1914 inclusive the Victorian Waterloo Cup was run in alternative years in NSW and Victoria and was known as the Australian Waterloo Cup.

Bred to Win

MOLLY CHAPTA (Fawn bitch, May 2014 Cosmic Chief x Molly Dolly) 17 starts for one win and eight placings, after last start second over 515 metres at Sandown (SAP) August 14, beaten three lengths in the race won by Woofa Combo (29.79) from box two which wasn't a bad effort. Consistent type, trained at Daisy Hill by Wendy Hansen and looks to be not far off another win.

BEL AIR MIST (Black bitch, June 2014 Collision x Miss Bel Air) Well bred bitch, trained at Devon Meadows by Marlene Schmidt, who has now raced 15 times for three wins and two placings. Came from box seven when sixth, beaten 5.4 lengths in the race won by Mustang Sammy (29.83) at Sandown (SAP) on August 14. Hard to get across from out there is these type of races so wait till she draws a bit closer to the rails.

AMIGO (Black dog, November 2014 (Shakey Jakey x Tadmore Collette) Trained at Lancaster, by James Arthur, this promising youngster has now raced seven times for four wins and two placings. Won over 515 metres at Sandown (SAP) on August 7 from box five, then followed up with a two lengths second from box three behind the far more experienced Bearville Azza (29.40) there on August 14. His actual time in winning on August 7 was 29.83, then he ran 29.53 on August 14 so he improved five lengths and got beat. He is very smart so keep following him from here on.

Next Week

NEXT week we will have an update on the Victorian Stud Service figures for the month of April, special coverage of the two day Waterloo Cup coursing meeting at Lang Lang, and our usual review of litters, from Victoria and New South Wales and hopefully South Australia, along with any news that comes in through the Mailbag.


If you have a question on any of our sires and brood bitch lists, maybe on Coursing, or want to send us news on a litter you've just bred, or any greyhound racing related question, simply email me at [email protected]

We are particularly interested in hearing from Queensland breeders about their litters, as we have still not received any response from the authority there in regards to our request for information.

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