Troy Grant resigns as leader of the NSW Nationals

TROY Grant has announced he will stand down as leader of the NSW Nationals Party following the shock result from the Orange by-election.

With votes still being counted, it appears the seat may be lost to the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party candidate Phillip Donato, a devastating result for the National Party which has held the seat comfortably since 1947.

The Nationals held the seat by a 21.7 per cent margin at the last state election, however polls are predicting a swing of – 22 per cent once preferences are taken into consideration.

The swing against the Nationals is believed to have been a result of both the greyhound racing ban, which was overturned last month, as well as the proposed council mergers, with both issues having a major affect on the rural electorate.

In a statement released on Monday, Grant said he had advised the NSW Nationals leadership team of his decision to stand down at a party room meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

“It has been an incredible privilege to serve in that tole and lead a team whose sole focus is to serve the people of regional NSW,” the statement read.

“At all times I have been guided by my principles of honesty, integrity and hard work but I accept the result in Orange is a clear message that we haven’t always got it right, nor have we always taken the community with us.

“Regional NSW is full of hard-working, decent people that want to see their government supporting them and otherwise let them live their lives as they see fit.”

Grant also said he hopes the Government can learn from his resignation and reassess its future direction.

“I hope that through my actions the NSW Government is given the opportunity to pause and reset the way it is seen to be governing and our record of delivery can once more be front and centre.

“I am proud of the results the NSW Liberals & Nationals have been able to achieve for regional NSW and the state since coming to power and it vital that this continues.

“I thank those in the party, our branches and our communities for the trust and support they have shown me during my time as leader.”

The announcement from Grant that he would be stepping down come as rumours had been circulating he would face a leadership spill at Tuesday’s party room meeting, with several leading news sources claiming fellow Nationals MP Andrew Fraser would put forward the motion.

As yet it is unknown who will fill the leadership position, with the likely frontrunner for the top spot looking to be Monaro MP John Barilaro.

It is also unclear if Grant will stand down as NSW Racing Minister.

Past Discussion

  1. Hasn’t Gone Far Enough  ,now he can move the security guard out front of his home in Dubbo the word is he’s been home alone  for a while!

  2. We are all familiar with the despair Troy Grant is now feeling, LESSONS LIKE THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN LEARNED IN SCHOOL MR GRANT.

    A great result for greyhound racing in NSW.

  3. It is nice to see that grant and baird admitting they got it wrong… but only because the voters of Orange got it so Right.

    Now it is time for rspca CEO Steven Coleman to come clean about how many pets and animals are euthanized by rspca every year.

    The public demands TRANSPARENCY  mr. Coleman, not Hypocrisy….

  4. The Government will ask the Panel to consider:
    • Mandatory life bans and increased jail terms for live baiting;
    • Registering greyhounds for their entire lives;
    • An independent regulator with strong new powers to ensure accountability; and
    • Substantially increased resources for enforcement and prosecution as well as animal welfare.
    Subject to the report of the Panel, the Greyhound Racing Prohibition Act will be repealed next year and new legislation introduced enforcing these tough new standards

    an exert from a letter written to a well known breeder keeping him abreast of what is occurring.

    was smitten to read the sentence;

    ”subject to the report of the PANEL the greyhound racing prohibition act will be REPEALED NEXT YEAR”

    I see that as if the so called PANEL sees no future,and reports that back to BAIRD,he will close off the repeal.

    walk a tight rope full of razor blades barefooted. NSW is being strangled slowly and this is not a second chance at all.